O line

I had my binocs on at least 50% of our 44 offensive plays, and both our import tackles played horribly, especially Dan Goodspeed. His pass protection was the worst I have ever seen from a professional. On one play he was beat by two guys, and poor Wes Cates had both defenders to try to take care of. Bell was almost as bad. Taman aquiring Goodspeed is just another example of Brendans getting pastdue players as a quick fix, instead of looking to the future. I am sick of every one defending Taman. Time to take Brendan and his napkins into the office for the golden handshake!
The interior 3 guys on the Oline played OK, not great, but at least they didn't look terrible. Which brings me to the next point. Is Freeman a good enough "pro" offensive line coach? Years of college coaching, but nada pro coaching!

You may have some good points, Stan. For this year though, we're probably stuck with the horses we have. I personally have no doubt that we can still win the GC this year with those horses, but it will be because of team heart and teamwork, not necessarily because we are loaded in all areas - tackles being one of them.

On this site, we dont tend to defend Taman at all, so you might like that lol.

Hate to say it but there can't be that many Oline men out there to pickup. UFL is mostly source and it's not bad football to watch either. Perhaps Cates and Charles could lend a hand in blocking. Must agree Goodspeed looks bad out there, perhaps a bionic brace might help him out.

How about more of Szarka and Clermont on the ends and Charles in the backfield.

Then they must have improved the quality of the product exponentially after last season. I haven't watched a minute of their games this season. . . I tried watching last season and it was positively dreadful. Unlike last season, is anyone other than friends and relatives of the players attending the games?