So I was watching the Rider vs Als game on my PVR and I notice that Durant doesn't have more than 2 seconds before getting flushed out of the pocket/throwing it away or getting sacked, I know that where supposed to have one of the best O-Lines in the leauge and our back ups where said to be able to start on any other team in the league, so why is this happening where Durant can't have more than 2 mississippis in the pocket? Any thoughts? is it the O-Line or should the burden be on someone else, who else is to blame for our GREEN Zone struggles?

it’s just the team he was playing.

Both the games the Riders have lost they've been blitzed heavily by the opposition. Durant didn't have tons of time, but it also opened a lot of stuff up for him as the Riders racked up nearly 500 yards of offense. Teams are going to have to pick their poison with us, they can blitz and Durant will take a licking but he'll hang in there and complete passes.

I'm just worried about him getting fatigued if he's gonna be getting pressured and forced to role out and run with it or even get git quite a few times just as he releases the ball.. yes he's better but he's not 100%

He's 27 and in football shape. It's hard to equate his scrambling to your thrice-a-quarter trips to the fridge due to the different levels of conditioning.

He has been suffering from a stomach bug the last few weeks - and it shows. It seemed that his timing was just a touch off and he was forcing it a bit especially as the game ticked on. It is good we have the bye week now as 2 weeks rest is just what the Doc ordered for DD to return to full form

Our O-line sucks. We need some serious changes there.

Makowsky needs to be playing guard, not tackle.

Watching Chris Best and Dan Goodspeed is like watching two penaly-addictied, greasy armed, rookies trying to stop hairless, lubed-up rottweilers from attacking. It isn't pretty.

Makes me wish I woulda' stuck with football instead of wrestling.

Improve the O-line and the Riders will vastly improve too.

Thryllin, I liked your old persona better. You just don't know enough words to pull this one off.