From the Spec's Tic-Cat blog today:
"Dyakowski, who signed a new contract in the off-season, is firmly entrenched at right guard and said he’s been happy with his camp thus far."

Is this true? He's shifting over to take Hudson's spot and Rottier, I presume, would be then be LG starter?

I think it's a Type-0 He has played both Spots but He would the LG

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/offensive-line-bonding-during-training-camp]http://www.ticats.ca/article/offensive- ... ining-camp[/url]

Two days later, the Spec again has Dyakowski at Right Guard with Rottier challenging Hudson for the left side spot:


I think Rottier will be the Right Guard with George Backing up at All Guard and The Center spots.
Matt Morencie will also get a Backup Spot

With Carlson Being traded or Release.

This is indeed a typo or a severe brain cramp on my part. Dyakowski is the left guard. The battle between Hudson and Rottier is at right guard.

I apologize for any confusion I have caused....

The Spec

If rottier is going to play guard who is going to be backup canadian tackle behind gauthier? Rottier was suppose to be our left tackle in waiting to step in when gauthier gos down or moves on.Do we give up on a first round pick(nCarlson) when Hudson has a year or two left at best?If jimenez is starting right tackle do we keep one or two import backup tackles on roster or taxi squad? :?

It best get Rottier on the Field so he can learn.
Many players move on -oline During there Carrier a
They the get better by Playing unlike QB who should learn on The bench at 1st
so Rottier could still play tackle in a few years

If Gauthier or Jimenez were to go down in a game, Rottier would move to tackle and Hudson would go in at guard.

I haven't seen an import tackle good enough to keep around after Jimenez. So i suspect if Gauthier or Jimenez were to go down for a long period of time then Rottier would fill that tackle spot, Hudson would be the right guard and Morrencie would dress as the 6th guy.