Congrats to the O-Line for doing a good job giving Printers time to throw.

All in all there were some very positive things in tonight's game (and some bad) and a much better effort by the club as a whole.

I agree. There were still some holes, but they played with heart tonight and were in the game right to the last minute.
Good job. It's getting better.

Hey ya notice how the positive posts do not generate all the responses that the negative ones do?

Your right a fair effort. However, Dyakowski needs to be replaced.

Better pass blocking tonight, but sub-par run blocking.

Still a problem.

Major repairs needed.

We need a STUD left tackle.

After Knowlton's interception, we had 2nd and goal from the two. Our entire middle line were stopped in their tracks. How can that happen when the d is one yard off the ball? We got zero push. Arguably that play cost us the game. The O line is very much a work in progress.

We definitely saw some progress... but one of the things I noticed was that the O-Line started to struggle more after George Hudson was injured.

The Key OL is 3 Canadians in Middle
When we Lost Gagne-Marcoux for Season.
It really put us behind the 8 Ball.
Losing George will only make it worse

IMO a bad play call as well.... 3 sneaks and we're in.

Both O-Line and D-Line played better, but there is still room for improvement. This was part of the difference between being blown out and being close.

well the d-line will see some big improvement with Alan kashama starting at DE next week, he will bring the heat, believe me. i have won two highschool championships with his brother bronly and man that family must be eating somethin right!!! and alan’s NFC championship ring is MASSIVE!!!

There's always room for improvement....just like there's always room for jello.

I have to disagree with that. I don't think Peter needs to be replaced. He's young and just needs time to develop