O-line is our biggest issue those snaps!!!!!!!!! the Blocking (or lack there of) teams dont even need to Blitz us they get adequate pressure running 3 line men How is it us Fans are the ones who see this ive been saying this for the past few years and still nothing

Agreed..This IS the biggest problem with this steam.

How does Marwan Hage still have a job?

I realize that Kavka was fairly green,but he's no better than Woodard...

And this is why they cant throw that screen pass because they need to keep the HB as an extra defender on the pass rush, because the line cant do anything themselves.

Two running backs in the shotgun with the QB. IT HAS TO HAPPEN!!! Running 5.5 protectors isn't getting it done. I saw that...week one?

Oski Wee Wee,

You know the sad thing is even with this blowout loss LOL we still have a shot at the playoffs Toronto is playing Montreal which if Montreal wins Toronto LOL is still only 2 wins ahead of us

Two running backs in the shotgun with the QB. IT HAS TO HAPPEN!!! Running 5.5 protectors isn't getting it done. I saw that...week one?

Oski Wee Wee,

In defence of mr.Hage, maybe he was trying to help block those D-linemen instead of focusing on the snaps. He seemed rushed. Maybe helping his new linemates.

Hage's shotgun snaps are the worst I've ever seen.

He's good for 3 or 4 low and outside every game.

On the O-line...it has to be coaching. The talent I don't think is too bad (save for Dyakowski who is still young and learning)....but the talent that is currently there truly can't be as bad as it appears.

Coach Sal...please help.

God wouldn't be able to sustain a drive behind this line.

Maybe oline coach Jeff Bleamer should be blamed.

I am regurgitating this old message that I posted on August 2nd after a loss to the Montreal Alouettes, because I, for one, am not convinced that the players on the O-Line are at fault. Yes, Marwan had 2 bad snaps today, but he was an absolute beast in the Argo game, and if you understand offensive line play you will know that this 2007 All-Star has been having another good year. I am not sure that the rest of the O-Line that is contributing to the most potent rushing attack in the CFL are that bad either . . .
It may be difficult to remember now, but last year it was Anthony Calvillo who was running for his life on every play, and it was the Als O-Line that were being criticized. What is the common denominator between last year's Als and this years 'Cats . . . ?? see below . . .

[i]While watching tonight's game, I recalled that I read a Paul Lambert interview before our season opener against the Alouettes. Paul said that the Als Offensive Line felt that they had a lot to prove this season after their dismal performance in 2007. They felt responsible for the fact that Calvillo got sacked a lot last year, and was physically beaten up before the end of the season. But Lambert also said that the O-line did not feel that their physical talents were eroding, but a lot of the schemes that Marcel Bellefeuille was using put extra pressure on the O-line and resulted in the dramatic increase in QB sacks last year. He concluded by stating that he hoped their new offensive playbook would correct a lot of those problems.

Does this sound familiar?? Our O-line was supposed to be one of our strengths this season - they are struggling. Now I don't think that we can attribute 100% of the problem to the Offensive Co-Ordinator, because on several plays our O-Line (including All-Star Marwan Hage) demonstrated that they could not make the adjustments to deal with simple defensive line stunts. That has nothing to do with the OC.

But on several occasions Glen Suitor pointed out situations where the Tiger-Cat receivers failed to make the proper adjustments in response to Alouette blitzes that should have been easy to recognize. This meant that our QB (Williams this week, Printers last week) didn't have a selection of hot receivers to throw to; this, in turn, meant that our QB was running for his life much of the night. This is clearly bad coaching. Moral of this long story?? For the second year in a row we have a scape goat named Marcel !!! [/i]

Good post. I suggest you paste it again in about a month's time because chances are it will be usable in a very similar context.

Oski Wee Wee,

If our O-line were Lions they'd all be looking for work tonight....and they'd be looking in Hamilton, cuz Wally wouldn't have let them on the plane.

He is impatient.