Do we even have an Oline or are they just Extra’s cuz there performance was PATHETIC how can we win games when The QB Printers/Williams Cant even check there 2nd or third reeds Maybe instead of cutting Defensive Lineman we shouldve Cut some OLine men

There was times they held up well and other times guys were left free because of schemes. It seems like our line played it's best with 3 imports, why they don't want to do that just baffles me. Does Charlie think pass blocking isn't important or something?

Get rid of the O-line coach.. Jeff Beamer..!!
who by the way is another buddy of Taaffes' from the Citadel...Citadel must have s**&ED! :lol:

next game im gunna bring out a stop watch and compare the time that our QB gets Vs opposing QB's

The O-line was pityful from the start but
they thought it had potenial. I never did.


as far as imports woodard and thomas are no better than dyakowski, cavka is a keeper

bunch of overrated jokes! Disgrace.

Right now there’s 3 guys who can play at this level, Hage, Hudson and Cavka, the other 2 unfortunately are out of their element playing pro football.

we stink plain and simple.

The players do what they are told. And i find it interesting that, The ticats have drafted out of the ncaa for their Canadian content.. and yet CIS players are doing better?? whats with that.Both Bekasiak and Dyakowski, IMo are "adjusting" to the yard off the ball rule

It all boils down to talent and coaching. Thomas - Woodard should be gone. Woodard has been here for so long I can recall he missed blocks for Danny Mac - George Hudson - is also long in the tooth. An x - Renegade who's time has come to say - bye - bye.