reading that article today about creating a pocket in the Tiger- cats website, i got to think our o-line really isn't that far off. I love our interior with Hage, Dyakowski and Gagne- Marceoux. I think a good left tackle will put it over the top, i think Hudson will be a good right tackle given a year or two starting. Focusing on the receivers, D-Line and defensive backs is what is important now.

We need help at Tackles for sure

Goodspeed would be a great pick up and maybe get lucky and find an american at RT.

Looking at the sacks, poor offencive production, and the bad pocket time for QBs for the last few seasons, I for one am not convinced of the quality of the O-line. They seem to still have something to prove. Some of the guys listed have very little playing time at this level and others were the good parts of a bad group. OB needs to ensure that we get the best out of these guys by bringing in others who will push for spots. It's been said thousands of times, but the war is won in the trenches.

I think our offensive line is going to be fine. Last year they were able to run block quite effectively and quite frankly the passing game plan made it impossible for the recievers to get open As a result the oppositions entire defensive team was on the line of scrimmage making mismatches and overloads on the line commonplace

well dan will certainly test free agency... we will likely re sign tom canada... but dan goodspeed wants a lot of coin.. and we might not be able to pay him... its more then likely i think that the bombers lose goodspeed to free agency

Is he not a Guard? We need tackles

No Goodspeed is a tackle. Sheridan is a guard.

He'd be good pickup then

But does he have Good Speed?
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

goodspeed is an import tackle, runner up for lineman of the year behind rob murphy… believe me when i tell you this, he is shut down caliber

Question is can Marko Cavka or Jonta Woodard Step up and play the Other Tackle.

I like Cavka last year good Feet and Great use of his hands Blocking without holding

Jonta had an off year.

Dyakowski played right tackle at LSU do you think he could be moved outside to tackle or is he too slow to play there at the CFL level? If he could then Hudson could fill the guard spot and Ince, Rempel or Bekasiak (if rumours are true that he's moving to the o-line) could spell off the others.

If Goodspeed wants Rob Murphy $ then the Cats will likely look elsewhere to address their need at the tackles.

Peter did play there a bit last year

He did have Trouble Adjusting to the speed.
IMO he would better at the Guard spot.
Coach Bleamer Has Nice Set Guys to teach Inside.

Hudson, Dyakowski,Hage, ,Gagne-Marcoux

We just need work at the Tackles.

8) If we can't find a better Import Tackle than Woodard, then that is a joke. I would be surprised if he even makes this team this year !!!

IMO we released Canadians that could play there and cost ourselves import spots that would have helped just about anywhere else. Now those Canadians are gone and we are stuck :frowning:

I don't think were stuck for O Linemen. Besides Rempel and Ince from last year's draft,the 2008 draft has 10 O Linemen with NCAA experience.There are 3 seniors: Andy Hunter,6'6" 326 Ashland, Jesse Newman, 6'4" 309 Louisiana Lafayette, Dimitri Tsoumpas, 6'4" 315 Weber State.The seven other juniors are draft eligible and the Cats may follow the Gagne-Marcoux Dyakowski pattern of drafting for the future.The Cat line of the future may include: Andrew Woodruff,6'3" 328 Boise St., Jon Gott,6'3" 286 Boise State, Gregg Wojt, 6'4" 285 Cent. Mich., Jonathan St.Pierre 6'3" 325 Illinois St., Justin Sorensen, 6'7" 323 S. Carolina , Gurminder Thind, 6'4" 293 S. Carolina, David Bouchard, 6'5" 305 Syracuse.
Since we have the first pick in the draft, it would seem to me that we pick the best lineman,then go for needs at linebacker and D line.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

You missed what I said. We are stuck using non-imports when we should not be. Every player you listed is American

I wasnt aware American players were available in the draft.

Another brain fart, catsconvert?