Next trade/draft/signing HAS to be some O-Line players who can play. Sorry but the our Hogs did not get it done today. Chang and Maas were pressured all day with a 5 man rush. Very little opportunities for the run game(note lack of Lumsden was huge too)to become establish. Watching the Esk/Calgary game was same story. The game is won in the trenches. Our D is on page our O needs to be revamped.

Our line was fine. The QB's and recievers were aweful and didn't make plays when given the time. We ran the ball rather effectively. I think you need to adjust your thinking. The line was the best part of the offence today

We are talking about the TiCat-blue team game played today at IWS.

I tink Woodard is good for 2-3 holding calls per game. He USED to be good. Cheron's time is limited (for health reasons). Hudson has yet to step on the playing field in a game situation. Hage is poor. Our two rookies are NOT the second coming of Wayne Smith.

I have to wonder when someone posts that our defense is ok. This D makes every opposing QB look like a hall of famer.

IMO, the O-line is without question the area which is need of an overhall. A PLAN needs to be developed to replace 2 of them (if it already doesn't exist)

Cant recall any set of downs , that the Ticats didnt run between the tackles on first down, even when it became obvious they were running on first down, they still made 5 or more yards, so how the oline is to blame, i cant figure out,. if anything they should bring Flutie in to teach the QB,s how to scramble :cowboy:

I was wondering the same thing.

I think we as fans are all frustrated. IF you watch other CFL teams, the O-line provides time to make plays, not force them. We do not have a good O-line this year. You could have Payton Manning in there and the results would be the same.

You're kidding right????????????

thanks i needed a good laugh

Opening a hole is far different from giving the QB time, yea you can push a guy to the side, but HOLD that bastard so our QB can find an open receiver... both Maas and Chang had ZERO time to find that receiver, and the FEW times they did, the blue team backs had them covered!!

Yup, The QBs had time and either the recievers didn’t get open or the QBs missed them. The running game (almost entirely the result of good line play on any team) was reasonably successful

Ya it was not a good game for any q.b to be a part of. We pretty much got destroyed in every facet of the game, and Bishop is just too good, it's too bad this forum has deteriorated to everyone placing all the blame on the shoulders of one guy.

Run blocking was adequate.
Pass blocking was abysmal.


No its 2

Taffe and Maas

(argoconvert) Yup, The QBs had time and either the recievers didn't get open or the QBs missed them. The running game (almost entirely the result of good line play on any team) was reasonably successful
You're kidding, right ?

Nope not kidding. The number of misses was insane and the number of times that the QBs had time and nobodyy got open was insane as well

And the number of times the q.b's had a split second to throw was insane also lol.

But I do agree there was a few plays where the protection held up quite well and they seemed to comunicate on the blitz pick ups better later in the game.