O Line

I agree the O line is struggling but we need to help them out. They have been our greatest strength for years but with AC under center more and absolutely NO offensive imagination shown in the first 2 games what do you expect.
How about a draw...maybe a screen ? Both Sask and Wpg were teeing off and our NEW offense did nothing to slow them down. A little misdirection, maybe even a fake punt/field goal or something.I wasn't a huge DON fan but at least he was hard to predict. How many 6 yard outs can you throw in a game?
Everybody wants AC's head...give him a chance with some creative play calling...failing that I'd settle for more
vertical pass plays(preferably to Cahoon.
There's no way AC has lost it overnight...give him every chance to succeed and if he still falls short let's look at a change.


You're right about the offense-- no imagination. AC has tried to throw long down the left sideline 5 times in 2 games and has never come close. I'm also tired of seeing 6 yard passes on second and 8. But your statement that AC cannot have lost it overnight is dead wrong. It's not overnight. He sucked last year. Got big yardage against the terrible teams and did nothing aqainst the good ones. Of course this is Larry Smith's fault. He must have agreed to let Popp coach and Popp chose the offensive coordinator.
I've been thinking how poorly Popp had been functioning as GM-- seeing as how we seem to get worse every year rather than better. And seeing that he has not been able to come up with a viable option or backup to AC.
I'd give up alot to get McMahon from Toronto, or abybody from BC--Buono seems to be able to recognize a talented QB when he sees one. Maybe Popp can get some pointers from-- like checking to see if the guy can pass and run before he signs him.
As far as the OLine is concerned, Fritz sat on the bench as the beginning of last year, and as far as his ability to play tackle is concerned, he makes a great blogger (not blocker).