I don’t usually vent, however something was glaringly obvious to me last night… our O-Line could NOT hold. Though I generally believe in trusting our coaching staff to know more than we do… right now I have to say that whoever is behind the decision to keep Pascal Cheron on the bench needs a serious reality check.

The young guys may need the experience, but how many qb’s can we stand to have broken while they learn? Pascal would bring experience and skill back to the line. We need him NOW.

Cheron and Hudson are both on the injured list (real or not I'm not sure). But yes, both our o-line and d-line stink...

The D line played well early but then just stopped for some reason.

Actually I think the d-line has been very good against the run. They need to put pressure on the qb and to contain, contain, contain the qb. Letting Bishop and Burris outside was the downfall of our d in the first two games. Next game they face Calvillo who isn't known for scrambling so pressure from the front four (rather than containment) will be a key to their success.

Toronto's line picked it up. Bishop's mobility also caused them problems.

I think Cook is a problem on the O-line. It's going to take a while for these units to get functioning effectively -- the D-line is very young for the most part!

The d-line played well last night and is going to be fine.
Actually the whole defence will be fine once they move Karikari to safety. (has Shaw been cut yet?)
Special teams - good except for the no yards penalties.
Running backs - good if used correctly.

However, O-line and receiver - bleagh! Fix those, and the quarterback play will come along, whoever is behind centre.

Yes, the O-line is lousy but that's all the more reason to keep Radlein. He's not the best running back around but he can block.

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I don't know about Hudson's health, but I talked to Pascal Cheron after the game and he indicated to me that he was healthy and ready to go.

Cara, he may say that he is healthy and ready-to-go, but he has to start actively practicing with the O-line to fully integrate with them. A Guard, unlike a WR, cannot just step in and automatically be a force (Travis was a VERY rare exception). He has to get his timing down an dknow exactly where the feet of the centre and tackle are at all times.

Pascal has been participating fully for two weeks now.

I am not, sure but his reps
may have been mostly with
the scout team though, sig.

The big boys practice in the far end zone

from where we have always sat
and agreed to sit this year.

Maybe this Week Pascal will be in the game.
if not then it's time to Start
Peter Dyakowski or Ryan Donnelly at the Guard Spot.

Cook's Feet are Just too slow for the CFL.

well if cheron is ready to go...put him in and get filice...i think filice looked better then damion cook...