O Line

In fairness to Maas and Chang they were running for their lives all last night. The O line truley is pathetic. They could not hold off the rush nor could they produce a block for the run. The only hole that was made was directly to Maas,Chang and Williams.

I suggest the O Line coach teach these guys how to make the blocks and produce the holes for the run, and eliminate the the path to our quarterbacks. Wath ever happened to the hitch and dump pass when the opposing team has sustained pressure? Just a thought.

The line has only two problems ;run and pass blocking

The fundamentals or basics of good sound football.
I personally thing Chris Walby is an overstuffed gas
bag. However, you can not win game unless the O Line gets off the ball and produces the holes for the run or the pass protection for the QB's.

Something as to chnage in a hurry. Look at Montreal -
there O Line is pathetic this year and Cavhillo spelling is also running for life. It all starts at
the O Line.......................