O line

...is looking pretty stupendous I'd say....

Jones McNeil Comiskey Robertson Pilon

....and now throw Singh in there (assuming he passes the physical next week)....Burris and Reynolds gotta be liking this....

yup, I'm really liking the looks of it too, it's just a question of will they be able to gel and work together as a unit. At the very least, there's gonna be great competition in camp.

...well, exit Robertson, insert Singh....

If Bobby stays healthy, you will have a good O-line.

Reynolds will be very scary next year with those hoggies up front. He will most likely beat Roberts for the rushing crown this upcomming year.

...trouble is ebg that our primary method of attack is going to be the passing game whereas the Bombers will rely heavily on Roberts, especially if Glenn comes out shaky in the early season....but you raise an interesting question, knowing that Reynolds almost beat Roberts last year, will the the team (i.e. - Cortez) modify anything to try to get Reynolds the rushing title?.....

Well considering the Stamps are a passing team Reynolds did a good job to be in the race with that loser blink.

bah, individual titles are nice but I’d rather a Grey Cup, and I’m sure all the coaches and players feel the same way … hence if our best chance to win is through the air, I’d be surprised if the game plan was modified just to try and get Reynolds the rushing title.

Would be a nice bonus though :slight_smile: And it’s a good point that while Winnipeg doesn’t have much in the way of airborne, Reynolds still challenged for the rushing title …

Individual titles are not for team no doubt. But that accomplishment by Reynolds tells you that the Stamps had a good balance on offense. Now if we could get rid of ET it would be great. Then Burris will concentrate on real receivers who can catch the ball. :lol:

Defence wins championships, until Barker makes the rights moves there, I forsee more gloom in Crygary this fall.

Ah right defense! Thanks for worrying come back again! :lol:

Don't worry, I will.

Bring Tim Hortons coffee and donuts next time and by the way leave dad (pappa) at home.

G'day people. My name's Mark from Sydney, Australia and I'm a HUGE Stamps fan. This is my first post to this forum. I reckon the Stamps O-Line is looking good for this year and with the new signings, I reckon the Grey Cup is headed back to Calgary this year!



Mark, I hope you're right with your fearless prediction there!!!

As for our Defence, I've been trying to figure out why it is I don't agree with people saying it's "suspect" this year. And I think I figure it out - and it's not because I'm a homer. It's because we still have Denny Creehan, do we not? He is a (defensive) force to be reckoned with ...