O Line Update

Good news for the Lions it appears that Fabien will be back along with another young stud at Center Matt Norman.

As I look at the roster the Lions are very thin with only 7 O-linemen on the roster as of right now 5 Canadians and the two bookend import OTs.

I have no doubt that the Lions have some Imports on the neg list either in AFL for spokane or others or waiting NFL futures contracts to run out.

Kabango and Valli stand as the other two Canadians to play OG as well as a Junior player from Langley Rams.

BC as seems to be high on the Laurent sweepstakes and Doege could be ready to go along with Westerman and Keynan Parker moving to safety gives them 2 ratio spots on Defense.

Could the Lions go with 3 imports on the O-line? with the RB/WR combos of 3 ratio spots?

What is the word out of BC???

The Lions just signed 2013 first round draft pick Olineman Hunter Steward. Spent the last two seasons starting at left Tackle for Liberty U.

Buono is very excited at the prospect of starting Norman at center 2012 rookie, 2013 rookie Kirby Fabien at RG and Steward I can see being penciled in at LG beating out Kabongo.

Having three young starting Canadian interior lineman sets the Lions up nicely with import Olafioye at on OT spot and Ben Archibald at the other. I am sure that there will also be some new imports from the neg list also to push Archibald.

If the Lions still have Levi Horn on the neg list I would not be surprised to see him signed shortly.
Horn left the Lions last season becasue he was to be placed on the PR with both Archibald and Oilfoye at the time taking the import roster spots at the bookend OT's. The Lions placed him on the suspended list and Horn headed to the Arena Football League, the Lions import Pipeline where they signed Horn from he currently is or has recently been on the Shock roster again this season.
With the LT spot now up for grabs Horn and the Lions may mend that wound and the former Bear who is just 27 and in his football prime.


Leos just signed 4 imports tackles that will audition for the vacant right tackle position (the now retired Ben Archibald played LT, but Olafioye is moving there), all of whom have kicked around the NFL at various times.

[url=http://www.bclions.com/article/lions-add-four-imports-to-offensive-line]http://www.bclions.com/article/lions-ad ... nsive-line[/url]

Deane Valli in a rcent interview seems in great spirits when it comes to the younger and rookie Olineman.
A cast of several imports should sure up the RT spot.
Norman C rookie 2012
Fabain RG rookie 2013

Steward and Player rookies 2014.
Valle healthy and Addition Husband now a veteran back up could fair very well for the LG spot as well as Canadian depth.

T-Dre Player was overshadowed a bit by The fout Olineman ranked ahead of him and taken before him but could be the best of all. Goosen profile hig fromplaying in Canada for FSU but cpmetition level at DII NCAA. Lavertu playing for Laval gives him a step up as the top Prgramin the CIS. two raw OTs with NFL interest.
Player IMHO could be better than all in the long run playing and starting at a higerh level of NCAA play and already ID as a CFL OG will allow him to focus there and not as a potential OG/C or OG/OT.

Of all the leo lineman, Valli is the one that I think can go. I have never been impressed with him - never! Yet he continues to hang around (due to the ratio?).

I see your point and he never seems to be healthy. They have done very well in the draft the last 3 seasons. Norman as a 4th rounder but coming out of Western always gives a rookie a step up. Fabian from the Dino's now Steward and the less the sexy pick in T-tre Player both DI starters.
going young and talented could be the key having them gel while lulay heals and Glenn does not get sacked and really doesn't run so having him at QB could be the best way to start the season and have Lulay healthy and peaking the last 6 games into the playoffs.

T-Dre Player getting the start at LG. Valle gets the RG start Norman and Olifoye C and RT. new imports get there first look at LT and RT respectively.

New LTs.
Hunter Steward another top Canadian Oline rookie got his first action at LT of all places in securing the Lions first win in hostile Mosaic. Good new was he was not really noticed meaning he did a good job.

Buono dips back into his AFL Scouting pool and could have found a good one. Jamarcus Hardwick worked his way through JC to the starting LT at Nebraska in his 2011 SR season. undrafted FA making it to final NFL cuts then to a Practice roster in 2012. 2013 Arena League Starting OT. He just turned 24 years old signing in BC just recently in July 18th and is on the 46 this week. 6'7" 300 plus monster