O-Line (The "O" means hole)

Wes Cates can't make plays.
Durant can't make plays.
Jyles can't make plays.
Even Boreham has had 4 blocked punts this year.

Anybody who can't see the O-Line is falling apart, needs to re-evaluate their criticism.

Durant is getting two seconds on most plays before he has to scramble. Considering he has little accuracy on the run, this is a bad thing. Also, Durant is always sweeping to his right. Almost every play he scrambles right, too predictable.

He needs more time! Maybe then his panic plays won't be so predictable because they won't be happening every snap.

There is not a QB in the world that can play well with a pathetic O-Line. Thus far, the Riders O-Line is pathetic!

Fix it!

They said Mean Gene was close during some interviews last week. They brought in some extra size with Bell, after Montreal picked apart O'Meara ( who was thrown into a starting role before he was ready ). Good O-Lines come from experience. Throwing guys together and then "fixing" it every week isn't the best way to build chemistry.

The O-Line was supposed to be one of the best this year. Hutchins and St. Pierre have both been dropped as we try and piece together something that works. Maybe losing those guys to Winnipeg really did hurt us -- but it seems to have hurt them more.

The way I see it, it's only week 4, and once Geno gets back in there, we'll be okay.

Good post Thryllin, sensible with a strong dose of caffeine.

Very true about the Hole-Line.

DD needs lots of support upfront, and it ain't happinen.

DD continually bouncing around, outta rhythm , and the Cates Train getting stuffed, no momentum .............very frustrating.

Durant had plenty of time against the Eskimos. Does anyone tape the games and watch them again? I'm not a coach but I know Dressler has to get the football more. Walker looked good too. Watch Montreal play and see how fast Calvillo decides what player to pass to. See how fast he throws the ball. The receiver gets the ball quick and then he takes off running. Durant waits and waits and waits. He holds on too long. And even when he throws it fast it takes too long to get there.

The Riders O line is hurting a lot. But after coming back from the game and calming down I watched the game on TSN yesterday. The O line wasn't the problem.

The O-Line is not the ONLY problem but it is a problem.

I too watch the games a couple times. Durant had no time on most plays to wait for the patterns.

I know how fast Calvillo and Ray and even Stank Burris do get rid of the ball but that also depends on what play the coach is calling for them. I do believe that a large part of Durant's incompletions is the play calling.

40% - O-Line
25% - Play calling/coaching
25% - Durant reading (or not reading) before the snap
10% - Good defence (Some credit has to be given to the opponents)