O-line NOT to blame for Maas inability to throw!

ok so last week a lot of people were all over the O-line for their shabby play, Maas being sacked numerous times and hurried almost every down. But tonight I hope everyone realizes that it is not the O-line to blame for Jason Maas' inability to throw the ball but the blames lies on him intirely! I've said it time and time again, Maas is not a capable starting quarterback. He has no juice left in that arm of his, look at tonight he had morreale wide open, all he had to do was put a bit of mustard on it and he was gone...but NOOO...the ball was hung way up in the air for 5 seconds and morreale almost slowed down to a walk! what a joke, did we not have a physical done on this guy before we got him? give me a break and give this town a break, start williams and trade Maas to whoever will give us a couple paper bags! Maas STINKS, Maas STINKS, Maas STINKS! if anyone disagrees with me then they need to go see a shrink along with him! :thdn:

He made some good throws tonight but he was inconsistent, slow, and still not really on the same page with his receivers. there were flashes though. i would have liked to see Vaughn more involved in the short game to mix it up with the running.

ok lets take a look at those "flashes" we saw tonight from him...deep pass to peterson...was a 30 yard lob that peterson had to stop and wrestle with the DB just to try and catch...luck that it wasn't intercepted again...25 yard pass to flick...flick standing still between defenders caught the ball and got hit right away...my grandmother could hit a standing still reciever...and yea I think that was about the only TWO flashes the whole game...every other pass was either a short 3 yarder or an INTERCEPTION!

You are right- the strength doesn't appear to be there. The accuracy WAS better- even with those interceptions. Several were timing. One was off the hands of our receiver. Even so, it was poor... but it was actually better.

If you wish me to see a 'shrink' then I don't have far to go as I'm trained as a counsellor though that isn't my profession now.

The season is over, if he is hurt he should sit so we can get a look at our other QB's.

That one really stood out for me as well. Mike had his man beat and it should have been a touchdown.

You guys are right, it should have been a TD...but it also points up the weakness of our receivers. MM let Younger catch up and knock the ball away...these guys DO NOT FIGHT for the ball as if it is theirs. I was madder at MM than JM on that play...he needed to use his body to keep the DB off the ball, and he didn't.

Jason Maas cannot throw a deep ball, it's actually embarrasing to watch him try and do this.

An effective quarterback can't be just a healthy passing arm with a body attached. He has to be the heart, soul, mind, and guts of a team. Abilities aside, Maas just doesn't have what it takes - he's the wrong guy in the wrong place for this team.

Maas has more -yardage from interceptions that his own recievers.he stinks,and l would gladly see him on any other team because than we would have a assured victory!!!!!!!Anyone who thinks Maas is not to blame should have their head examined!He stinks,he@#$@!!!!!!

there's MANY things wrong with our O-line.. and I know maas is taking the heat for it.. but seriously, youre bang on. he's the QB, he's not making the plays, and that's that.

there's MANY things wrong with our O-line.. and I know maas is taking the heat for it.. but seriously, youre bang on. he's the QB, he's not making the plays, and that's that.

"get a life II"
like it or lump it the guy is injured

yes and it will be an eventually career ending injury...it is the same injury that khari jones had...both of them had surgery and now look where khari jones is...on this sidelines permanantly...and Maas will be joining him soon enough...Maas will not be able to come back from that surgery in just a couple of years, it will take a lot longer for it to heal properly and might not even heal at all like in khari's case...i just boggles my mind why the ticat organization did not give him a physical before they traded for him, the guy is a worthless starter and a decent backup at best...hes had 1 5000 yard season when Ricky Ray was in the NFL, and then Ray came back and Maas blew out his shoulder and had to have surgery...ever since that ONE 5000 yard season Maas thinks he is an all star and should be a started when in truth he doesnt have the ability to be a starter day in and day out...how many times have we seen 1 year wonders in all different kinds of sports...well Maas was a ONE YEAR WONDER in the CFL!