O-Line Needs Peter Back!

After yesturday our O line could really use Dyakowski in the lineup his Smarts could help his fellow lineman as they started out slow out of the gate in Saturdays game! What's Pete's Status and will we see him start soon? :thup:

Sorry to say the Oline needs much more than Peter Dyakowski back. Even with Dyakowski in there were very suspect on the run. Other teams can put it together why can't Austin? Quick answer, he doesn't respect the run game and this will be his undoing for sure. If you can no learn from your mistakes well you are doomed to repeat them! That's why he got fired in Toronto...............

True I also think he should give the GM position to Tillman

Just one problem with that logic, who is going to tell Austin?

Kent Austin is a good coach IMO. His loan setback is probably that he fails to recognize the benefits of a
running game on offense and the limitations connected to not having the necessary goods to defend against
anyone else's running game.

Football teams that are successful learn both of these critical game aspects.

You can't have a running game if the OL does not create holes to run through. You can have the best and fastest running back in the world. He won't get far running into the backsides of his OL

I agree they need peter but will he be Rusty ?

:o How's that going to help the running game ?

That and Tillman will still have to answer to Vice President of Football Operations Kent Austin...

Peter is a great O lineman and a leader it can only help our team having him lineup!! :rockin:

Also he likes to make CROW noises in 1st team practices which really gets the BoyZ going :lol:

Austin wasnt fired in toronto he left to coach in the states on his own will and as mentioned before i do believe we have a o cooridinator calling plays

Check the facts...
Austin was fired from his job as offensive coordinator by the Argos in 2006 and was subsequently hired to be head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the 2007 season.

The problems with the running game are a direct result of neglecting the O-line. Rebuilding the line with more of a focus on national starters should be the top priority this offseason.

Filer can't play centre.... start there.

Not sure I want to talk about offseason just yet, but I agree this is the problem area. But Austin has tried. Last year Austin brought in Wojt and that helped a lot. This year Wojt has been hurt. And this year's National OL free agent, Myddelton, didn't work out. So obviously it would have been better if the Cats had brought in someone else but I am not sure there was another National OL free agent that they had a shot at who would have helped them. And they didn't get lucky with Dyakowski coming back earlier, or one of the longshots (Rice, Reinders or Husband) graduating to starter.

So instead he has tried to get Nationals for other positions, particularly DT.

With 20/20 hindsight, his big OL mistake was last year, drafting Urban (as an O-lineman) in the second round last year just before Calgary took Brett Jones. There are a lot of teams kicking themselves about that one though. People will criticize him about Hage, but I don't see that as a clearcut error because of the injury issues and because it was a bit strange for Ottawa to take him. I also can't criticize him about this year's draft because before the Cats picked, the good OL choices were off the board.

Back when we were tearing through the Western division, I felt that we were offsetting the lack of running game with a lot of high percentage, short passing plays. Hitches, screens, etc. A lot of passes that served the same purpose of a run, which is to make second down easier. Done right this can be every bit as effective as a good ground game. These kinds of plays also counter-balance pressure from the D-Line. For whatever reason though we seem to have abandoned that, trying to pick up 15 yards on every down.

Good post. Yeah, maybe 'neglect' is too strong a word. Austin certainly tried to improve the O-line. Of his efforts, Myddelton is the one that he should take the heat for. I think being patient through the Canadian draft will pay dividends. Very rare for a guy to jump right into a starting O-line role out of college ball. Most of the time, he needs to spend 2-3 years as a backup and injury fill-in before he's ready for primetime. Position coaching may be an issue too -- Allen Rudolph and Corey Grant may not be the answers? In any case, the mandate for next season (not that I'm writing Hamilton off this year) should be clear -- improve the O-line and invest in the running game. Better blocking and a credible ground threat would Hamilton an absolute beast. They have the other components, including a ferocious defensive front and good cover guys playing under Steinhauer. They have receivers and they look to have found the marquee QB in Collaros. They just need to fix these issues to be elite.

Tried to improve the O-Line? Please. We haven't drafted an offensive lineman these last two seasons, which is crazy.

Just look at some of the offensive linemen we could have drafted in 2013:

Hunter Steward
Brander Craighead
Matt Sewell
Nolan MacMillan
Corey Watman
Brent Jones
Matthew Albright
Shane Bergman

That draft was loaded with quality offensive linemen, and Austin chose not to draft any. In 2014, he decided we needed another four Canadian defensive linemen, and again NEGLECTED the offensive line.

Well, maybe the issue is that he hasn't tried in the right way. I agree that building through the Canadian draft is the key and that was my initial point about Austin "neglecting" the O-line. He's tried to fix the line in free agency and that rarely works for the offensive line. So work smarter, not harder, Kent. :wink: