O-Line much better/better running game

I noticed that the O-Line was much more solid and created holes for the running game. (since John Salivantis took over the O-Line and the run)and this was just over a few days. Imagine a whole season?

This also gave me a chance to see what Maas can realy do when he's not under pressure or running for his life. He hasn't got the power in his arm anymore.

He is constantly putting ice on his arm and shoulder, even before the game. I think Edmonton knew about his injured arm when they traded him.

holmes had 16 rushers for 112 yards, which is terrific, even maas rushed for 37 yards.

although i see an improvement i would have to point out that it was a much closer game (at least till the fourth) which allowed us to run a little more. i dont know if his arrival and that games success is a direct correlation but i look forward to watching these next 6 games. well i wouldnt say look forward but will watch with one eye open.

Another thing that made the run game better was Radelin was used more often to help open the holes. I think if they keep improving the O line and use Radelin more often they could have the best running game in the league next year.

yeah. let's blame edmonton.

I think it's true that the O-line is improving. What we're improving from is dismal and we haven't improved enough yet, but I like to think that when the cats push themselves a bit further, and are backed up by some solid defense, maybe with a new/different QB...

I think we could go places. Then again I thought that at the beginning of this season.