O-line is our biggest need.

Maas could definatley use more time/protection.

We need the O-line to establish a ground game. What happened to all the "Trade Ranek and start Holmes" threads? Holmes was as ineffective in the rush game as Ranek was. Doesn't matter who is back there until you can get an O-line that can run block.

Once that happens, it will open up things big time for Pao Pao and Maas.

Donnelly got murdered tonight because of his injury.
Nobody left to fill in for an injured lineman ????

Nice to see somebody that understands football on here. The O'Line is playing beyond bad. Part of the problem is there is only one player from last year still here. The O'Line can't open holes at all. I have NO IDEA why George Hudson isn't playing Centre. He was regarded as one of the best Centre's in the league in Ottawa. WHY isn't he playing Centre here? That is the most important O'Line position, like the Q.B. of the Lineman. Hage is very inexperienced!

Good threat captain. the oline is our most needed area. everything comes down to the big boys in the trenches. our dline has now gotten the pass rush and run clogging that is needed to help the rest of the defense, but our oline needs some work. They can pass block adequetly although there is something to be said about maas taking too long in the pocket.
run blocking is a whole new and apparantly a foreign concept. The biggest whole ive seen this season is one created by the montreal's dline blitzing! No wonder Ranek has been les than garbage and Holmes cant go no where. our first thing we should do to upgrade is get some tackles who can block. Randall is trash. have you guys payed attention to this charcter? ive played oline in high school and local clubs and i know a little about what im talking about. Theres no wonder he got cut from the patriots. the interior should be reworked with hage going to rg nd hudson back at centre where he belongs. things can be done to patch up this sinking ship and it starts with getting a new oline coach. Give that coach kanulai or whatever his name is his walking papers. No wonder ottawa's oline sucked last year.

How about giving the Tiger-Cats personnel a little respect by actually researching THE SPELLING OF THEIR NAMES!!!

Relax, sigpig, have to agree with Barrenchea, Kani Kauahi is not doing a good job, run blocking and pass protection are terrible and Ranek would have been able to produce better numbers if there wasn’t a defender in the backfield before he touched the ball, check the Calgary game film for proof.

I wasn’t disagreeing with his post; in fact I agree. The O-line has not been very good at all. It’s the brutalizing of a person’s name (ie:“Poapoa”) that burns me…

Maybe it's not Coach K...maybe it's the talent.

Even our third and inches plays barely make...inches.

Sorry sigpig i didnt spell coach K's name correctly because i really didnt think he deserved any respect. his job is to coach the line and they havent been reproducing. Just because your a coach for the local football team doesnt automaticlaly get respect from me. And doing a terrible job doesnt earn my respect either.

I agree with your evaluation of him as a coach, I just take a mild dislike to the misspelling of his name as a human being.

We need to do something about the line, too.

Doesn't Kani Kauahi being a human being count?

Be careful how you answer.

"They haven't been reproducing" sheesh they must really be impotent. Sorry couldn't resist

Was that one to me, Ron?

No sigpig. I was asking the poster known as Barrenchea

who said

"Sorry sigpig i didnt spell coach K’s name correctly because i really didnt think he deserved any respect. his job is to coach the line and they havent been reproducing.

Just because your a coach for the local football team doesnt automaticlaly get respect from me. And doing a terrible job doesnt earn my respect either."

whether the fact Coach K is a human being
has any bearing on him giving him respect.

Makes me curious whether you think Barrenechea deserves any respect, since you spell his name wrong every time you post.

Why don't we bring back Dave Hack?

what about the guy we took with our first round pick hes an O lineman wheres he? :slight_smile:

What injury? hes always nursing something this guy is not cfl calibre and it is only a testament to how bad our o-line is when he can start much less make the team.

Aside from the name spelling stuff, we seem to have a lot of experts. Its obvious to all that as a unit the o-line has struggled. Injuries, especially to Powell have not helped. Having said that, o-lines always benefit from playing together and we had a lot of change this year. I think its a little to early to trash the coaching staff. As for the criticism of Hage, its not at all clear to me that he's the problem. Smith has clearly been underperforming before his injury. Randall is making a tough adjustment with speed rushers a yard off the ball. He went trhough training camp at right tackle and was moved for the first game of the season after Powell went down. I thought Ryan had been playing well before last week. We do have a real shortage of depth and need Powell back sooner rather than later.

Could we say "enough of the infantile name calling/mispelling" already?

the issue is, in fact on the line itself, and "getting it done".

I'll grant the point that running Holmes, Radlein or Ranek straight up the gut agains the Als is pretty much lunacy by the OC, as these guys have such great depth there and our Line is under performing...will be "interesting" to see how the recognized Wpg front four is dealt with, and how Maas might be spared an extra couple of seconds to get the ball thrown "long" without the prospect of spending six months in a body cast...