O-line is a strength not a weakness

OK i'm just sick of most of the Maas luvers who blame our line for his failures. After checking out the stats I found an interesting fact that they will not like, we are the second best team in the CFL in giving up sacks at 14, Winnipeg is in first with 9, Calgary is in last with 28. And Jesse is only averaging 8.8 ypc behind this horrible line.

I just thought that I'd give them some credit since they are always being unfairly bashed on this site.

Drexl: noticed this stat as well, also noticed the Offense is Ranked 5th as opposed to the 8th we have been in the past

Over the past four games, the Ticat offensive line has had two excellent games (at B.C. and at home against Winnipeg) and two average games (at Winnipeg and at Edmonton). If there is a problem right now, it is the lack of experienced depth due to the injury to Pascal Cheron. If one of the starters gets injured, only Ryan Donnelly and Eric Ince are available to fill in at this time. We might see another offensive lineman added to the development roster within the next week or two.

bernard williams is available, sign him to play left tackle, try and get canadian brett romberg from the nfl to play on the line.

Somebody has his rights plus I think he's with the Ram's. Were are fine at Centre anyways.

if you really think Maas has enough time to throw the ball your a fool. I am not a Maas fan by any means but we need to be better than this. no time means no deep ball....pretty simple.

As mentioned in Steve Milton's Spectator article today, Pascal Cheron will be working out his knee that HAD THE ACL SHREDDED on the late hit by Kyrise(sp) Hebert. If the knee cannot take the punishment, Cheron said that he will retire. For his sake, I would hope that the team puts him on the injured list until after the Labout Day game, therefore insuring Cheron will be paid his full contract.

If that does not happen, then I hope that the CFL takes a good, hard look at the circumstances and either heavily fines Hebert and/or the Blue Bombers for this blatent intent to injure. At the very least, Hebert should be suspended for our mext games against Winnipeg (for his own health...).

We badly need a veteran Guard to replace Pascal. Hopefully George Hudson will be healthy enough to assume that role.

OK there, once again a Maas luver ignoring the facts. There is no point in even argueing this. Sigh lol.

Did you even watch the Edmonton game? Did you miss the part where Curry said Maas couldn't throw deep? And what happened when he threw deep to Curry? Underthrown by 10 yards. Curry is just another perfect example of a game breaking receiver not getting the ball due to stubborn coaches who have stuck with an injured q.b for way too long. But now that Maas is apparently healthy he should start having more success, but that doesn't make it right that they stuck with Maas for this long.

Then Curry should be punted off the team for openly calling out his QB.

Did you miss the part where Taaffe said that the O-line has to do a much better job if we are going to have a chance to win ball games? I didn't think so.

I understand you don't like Maas and that's your right.

I am merely posting this in regards to your topic that our O-Line is a strength. Whe have a young O-line with potential but our O-Line is not a strength right now. I do think Kori Dickerson is a real strength on run blocking. He comes from USC where tight ends learn to block exceptionally well or they don't play. I think we are lucky in that we have two fullbacks who are good blockers.

I'm amazed Jesse has been able to pull off the runs he has. The only game our QB's have had decent protection were the home game against Winnipeg and the road game against BC. And the BC game we didn't get decent protection until we had burned the BC defense with 2 or 3 amazing runs from Jesse on screen passes.

Our O-line is not a weekness, but, it is not a strength at this point either. The line is developing and making strides, but, not a strength yet.

I was absolutely LIVID when I read that this morning. Where is all the outrage about this late, possibly career-ending hit?? I hope Pascal can come back to us, but it's not looking good.

Huh? He was pointing out the obvious. The first game I went to this year it was obvious he couldn't throw deep. The first drive against the Argo's he threw a bomb to a wide open Ralph that was badly underthrown and looked like a wounded duck and by the time the ball got there the defender was all over him. Then after the game I had to listen to all the nonsence on the 5th quarter about how it was Ralph's bad for dropping it and the host kept saying what a perfect pass it was. I was like that guy was obviously not at the game or needs glasses was drunk or something. The fact is Maas was injured and should not have been playing and how can you blame a receiver for being honest? And I don't hate Maas, I just didn't agree with playing an injured q.b and he did nothing but hurt this team by playing through an injury. Doing that is selfish.

I am going to have to disagree just a little bit with your post. While you can't refute the statistics you have pointed out, there are a few stats that the CFL doesn't keep track of officially. Things like, quarterback pressures, hits, and hurried throws that are sometimes illustrated by television broadcasts.

I am most certainly not knocking the Ticat offensive line, but as it was pointed out by another poster and the Ticat coaching staff, they have been wildly inconsistent this season. And when the team starts two rookies as part of an 80% new offensive line, one of these rookies which is learning a new position, inconsistency has to be expected. The offensive line is one position where they have to work as a cohesive unit, and that only comes with time. As the unit gains experience, those inconsistencies will disappear. And with the upside of Cedric Gagne-Marcoux and Peter Dyakowski, I will take the ups and downs this season.

I don't care who starts at quarterback for the Ticats, but you can't refute the fact that the starting quarterback has been under pressure for the most part of the season. Even my 55 year old mother who watched the game against Edmonton said this, "It just seems like Ricky Ray has so much more time to throw the ball, every time Maas goes back to throw he is hurried and ends up on his back!" If my mother can see that the quarterback is being hurried, he is being hurried!

Sure, you can put Chang in and he has better foot speed than Maas, but any quarterback will tell you, if you can't set your feet and step into a throw, you are never going to be successful. Unless you are a freak of nature like Dan Marino or Brett Favre.

So start Maas or Chang, but don't be surprised if the the offensive line takes 2 steps forward and then 1 step back. We are just going to have to deal with it. That's what a young team does! As long as they keep building in an upward direction, I am a happy camper. Oh yeah, and beat the ____s on Labour Day while you are at it!

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We all know that stats can be looked at from different ways. So playing the "Devil's Advocate" a Mass supporter might point out that 14 sacks is ample proof of his ability to scramble and get rid of the ball despite constant pressure due to an inexperienced O-line. :twisted:

the Oline is doing ok for a rebuilding team- There needs to be more consistency in decision making from the QB, position., hitting receivers in stride, etc , A car cant run if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. :cowboy: ALSO- better special teams (kick returns ) will help-by by holmes by by Maas

The run and gun offense we use is the reason for the low sack count. Maas throws nothing but junk underneath and he barley has time to do that. Its obvious anytime we try and go deep he has no time. One solution to a week line is putting in a QB who can escape the rush. I'm afraid Maas and his lack of mobility coupled with a suspect arm make him a sitting duck. When you have a QB that can elude the rush and has the arm to stretch the field you present the opposing defense with all kinds of problems. Right now its to easy to just tee off every play because Maas has trouble hitting wide receivers who beat the man to man caused by the blitz.

Umm - didn't you notice that Maas had more rushing yards than Lumsden in the last game? Looked to me that he evaded the rush pretty well. Kinda hard to escapa a blitz coming from both sides of the line...

If you keep grasping, then the straws disappear...

Sorry your right Maas reminds me of Tracey Ham running around back there. Its seems to me if you want to talk about grasping at straws defending Maas and his performance to date would qualify.

Listen, I’m not saying that Maas is the be-all and end-all here. I’m just saying that he’s not as bad as a certainn VERY vocal minority constantly point out. He ahs shown (indeed the entire team has shown) constant improvement in many areas.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some glaring problems elsewhere. The starting QB isn’t IMHO, one of them.

People also need to remember that our current starting O-line only has 2 of the starters from last season. These guys are still feeling each other out.

All in all I think the current O-line is pretty darn good.