O-Line depth chart???

I am sorry to hear about Comisky. Can any Esks fans please fill me in on the starters, and the depth, on the O-Line for 09'? Any cause for concern with the leagues best arm behind centre?

Good question, with Lumbsden in the backfield will we see a move towards a rushing line as opposed to a defend the pass rush line. The Esks will miss Comiski.

Please correct me if I am wrong here. I understand that the Esks starting O-line will be G. Jones, P. Kabongo, J. Comiskey, and either C. Armstrong or A. Fiacconi at the other guard spot, and then who at the other tackle???

I'll acknowledge that the Esks 'backs are top notch blockers, but If I were Ricky Ray I'd be upping my blue sheild insurance premiums. No wonder you guys signed some of the best pursuit players in the league the last couple of seasons.

Good luck keeping RR safe this year.

Don't forget about the youngsters when talking depth.

Greg Wojt, Gord Hinse will be fighting for spots and Kyle Koch, Adam Rogers, and Gerald Davis will also be there to help replace the elder Comiskey.

Don't forget we have Thud Coleman whose natural position is LT. The man is a monster and may do well.

Ahhh, thanks man!

As stated, so much depends on the rushing game, the best protection for a quarterback is a solid rushing game, by forcing the defense to stay in their lanes to protect against the rush, takes away from the blitz. In previous years, the lack of a rushing game has allowed teams to abandon the run defense and blitz the qb practically every down.

Ahahaha… your right! And look for more of that this year with Flopsie Lumsdumb.

Last year the Esks were 6th in fewest sacks allowed: montreal(22), winnipeg(29), Calgary (30), BC (33), Sask(36), Edm(37), Toronto(48), Hamilton(67). As you can see, there was not much of a difference at all in teams in the West. I feel as though our line will be both improved and younger than last year, based on the large amount of talent brought in.

Esks depth chart shows:
Garrick Jones*, Koch, Comiskey, Kabongo(2008 all star), and Armstrong*

  • I'd think that Comiskey, Kabongo, and Armstrong have their spots virtually locked, and I have no problem with that.
  • import Coleman* is a beast at 6 foot 8, spent time on our PR last year and could push Jones for his spot. Looked great in Day 1 of TC from what I saw.
    -import G. Davis* started some games for Hamilton last year and may also push Jones for his spot.
  • Koch started in Winnipeg last year.
  • Wojt was the Esks first pick from '08 from the NCAA and has the talent to challenge for a starting or backup spot.
  • Fiacconi was a backup last year(and before that a starter/backup in the 'Peg) and will be battling Wojt for a backup spot IMO.
  • Rogers and Hinse(Esks first pick from '09) are longshots to make the team IMO. Hinse is eligible to go back to the U of A with his rights retained by the Esks if cut IIRC, so this is the likely move for him.
  • Only one of Jones*, Coleman*, or Davis* will be kept on the game day roster IMO, as Armstrong* has another import spot locked up.

-Bell and Bertrand are superb blocking fullbacks, as well as great special teamers.

  • McCarty is great at blocking as well as an RB. I haven't paid much attention to Lumsden's blocking, so I can't comment on it.

To be honest, I am not very worried about the Esks offensive line, or blocking for Ray. With less pressure from the opposing d-line if we actually commit to a running game this year, defences won't be able to key in on Ray. I am more worried about our two OLB spots(hopefully Doggett and Lenny Williams take advantage of their opportunity), as well as our defensive tackles(apart from Romero).

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