O line comes through.....big time

Gotta give credit to the O line for their best game of the year. Let's remember all the changes that have been made since the first game....mostly due to injury.
Powell has been back for only his second game, Wayne Smith is out, Damien Cook out, Donnelly out, Pascal went down early.....for the part of the team that has to really be in sync..... I thought they played outstanding.
Let's hope this is the start of a credible running game for us. :cowboy:

I don’t see any bellyaching on the site today about the “O” line not being able to block for the run.
They looked great last night!

I liked what i saw from both Felice (guess he wasn't just a marshall pickup eh) and Randall.

both played with fire, (randall finally filling expectations... at least for one game so far)

I was also impressed with Felice. He battled. Not an easy guy to run over if you're a DL. He made some punishing blocks too. Good to see.

Question, though: why was the Ticat O-Line so good in this game, and not in any of the previous ones? Is it because Felice and Powell played, and Donnelly and Cheron did not? Did Coach K threaten to cut someone if the blocking didn't improve?

I think it was as simple as having better spacing on the line, which allowed for more effectve angles for interior blocking.

Another aspect: more deep balls and better play action rollouts. Notice as well that they did include some pistol sets, where Ranek lined up a step or two behind Maas in the shotgun. It allows a back to get the handoff with the entire tackle-to-tackle series of gaps to choose from as well as making counter sweeps more fluid.

The pass game had some synchoronicity with the run on the two long drives we scored on. By having an effective running game, we were able to inflict some punishment on the Bombers D -- most notably the hit by Radlein on Simpson at the goal line as Radlein made it over the line for a TD.

Oski Wee Wee,

As for the cutting issue, I definitely think the guys knew, either explicitly or implicitly, that they had to show some fire and perform.

We are 2-6, so playing for this year still goes hand-in-hand with playing for your job. NFL cuts are upon us, so the line play has to step up.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd also like to say that Filice had a great game. He really seemed like he wanted to destroy some defenders out there. I hope he's starting next game.

When Ron Lancaster took over he stated in his simple, matter of fact way
that if a player isn't doing his job he will find somebody else who will.

That's why the O-linemen are starting to concentrate much more
on executing their assignments the best they can on every play.

Congratulations boys!! This is a lot more fun.

Good job by our O line coach K.Kauahi.

He deserves credit after people posting here were looking for his head in the last weeks,even without knowing a single fact about his job skills .

After Sitting out in the hot sun every week. watching the working outs .
I can Tell it was nice to see the big boys Tee off on someone..

My guess would be with a HEALTHY Ranek they were ready for some run blocking revenge (read: hitting rather than getting hit) against a team that dominated them one week prior.

They called nearly 30 running plays for Ranek alone. Not to mention Radlien's one yard plunge where he went head to head with Barrin Simpson and won. He's the MLB, where was the Dline? PUSHED BACK THATS WHERE!

amazing what calling some running plays will do.

It'd be nice to see Jonta Woodard return if he can't catch on with the Redskins. Also we need Wayne Smith back playing up to his potential, then we should be pretty solid up front. :cowboy:

I certainly agree with all of the foregoing posts regarding the stepped up play of our O Line.
One other factor that helped these guys perform well was Josh Ranek's return to good health.
These Two factors complimented one another.