O line blues

It always seems that good teams have a dominant line...
which in turn opens up so many variables..the run, the pass, trick plays etc...

I think the teams woes really hinges on these guys...

The D is on the field too much.
They get a few sacks, a few INTS.. the D may need a little tweaking but overall they are ok IMO.

I'm befuddled about the O-LINE since it looks like we have some good talent up there..is it coaching..the plays...injuries..?

I think if the O-line is improved the running game makes a return that makes the game oh so much easier...

I truly think if the O-line is improved in some regard -- the wins will soon follow.

bang on ! watch what happens everytime we try a run up the middle...the back hits a wall..there are no holes....

The QB ( whoever it is) is always running for their life, and people wonder why they cant hit an open receiver..because their feet are not set...

pick up some freshly cut U.S. Beef for this line !

Look at the talent on the offence...its crazy that these guys cant produce...invest in the O-line,,,keep the defence off the field and put points on the board

With a stronger O-line, talented receivers have the time to run their routes and qb's can get set and find them...little running backs can run through big holes...everything would work.

it doesn't help that our two best Olinemen from last year aren't playing right now:

Smith and Claridge (one hurt, the other, regrettably, deceased)

and Ottawa's allstar Center from last year is being wasted at GUARD while a rookie is playing center.

finish that off with two essential rookies at OT and we're boned.

we need woodard back, he was amazing.

Re eek a mouse-I'm befuddled about the O-LINE since it looks like we have some good talent up there..is it coaching..the plays...injuries..? Maybe
greg randell, is better suited to play Gaurd with his size he should be the lead block "i" on power run plays., Cant hurt?

It may be an old saying that games are won or lost in the trenches, but this really held true yesterday.

When Winnipeg needed a yard or two, they could get it with ease with their surge from the O-Line.

How many times over the past few years have we struggled on second or third and one? No push from the hogs, and you can't run the ball.

While I think our D-Line is OK, it still isn't great. Cotton is not playing too well with one hand, and Reed keeps taking one of the front four out on second and long.

Note to management, without a solid O-Line, you cannot play well on offense. End of story. If you ignore this and just improve the QB, RB, and receivers, you will not get any better. Case in point, compare the 2006 Ti-Cat off-season acquisitions, to those of the Bombers.

I'm amazed that the O-line's lack of effectiveness is talked about more.

QB this and RB that.

Fire this coach, get rid of that guy.

Blah, blah, blah.

Once the O-line gets fixed we'll be fine. I have no doubts whatsoever,

Remember the Grey Cup winning team of 1999?

The O-line set a league record for alllowing fewest sacks in a season (7).

All is won and lost in the trenches.

i agree a great o-line is important, however, Edmonton did win the Cup last year with a horrible line.

Our line has done a good job so far this season, they just had one really bad game last night against the best front 7 in the league.

I cannot agree at all.

Absolutely no run blocking no matter who is the RB.

Can't get short yardage gains when needed.

Maas was only getting sacked once a game and has been given good protection, and Holmes has been able to run the ball well. I've noticed that Ranek needs to be more patient, there are holes for him he just wasn't finding them.

Of all the threads started since that Friday night massacre, I think this may be the most relevant.
As has been already said by others, the truest of all sayings in football is that games are won or lost in the trenches.
Something is not adding up when it comes to this offence. The proven stars that were brought in this year have been made to look very average or worse.
What was once a definite strength on this team (2 seasons ago) has since become its biggest weakness.
Changes are needed here first.

That's because we are doing LOTS of short drops and quick passes. So much so that I believe it may actually be deliberate because coach K knows our O-line is weak. There are also many rushed passes that Maas has been doing a good job of getting rid of the ball to avoid the sack. There are hardly any deep or conventional drops by the QBs.

and Holmes has been able to run the ball well.
He ran for 28 yards last game, and the game before that he carried 5 times for 6 yards.
I've noticed that Ranek needs to be more patient, there are holes for him he just wasn't finding them.
That's the first time I've read that anywhere. Consider he's playig under PaoPoa's offense and Coach K's blocking schemes, both of which he is familiar with.

I believe there are no or little holes for him.

The Reason we are bad Offence Team is Simple.
The OL is Bad..

They Can't Run Block worth Beans..
Coaches Know Hamilton Run the Shuffle on Goal line..

The Tackles are Too big Wide Ameicans..
Who are fine for the NFL but not the CFL..
There Too Slow for the Quick DE in our League.

We need to see Major Changes at Tackle Spot..
How about we try this :

Move Hudson back to Center
He just Better there
Smith & Donnelly
Cheron & Hage
(we need to get beter People in here
Hopefull We get some Smaller Guards From the NFL who can play Tackle up here. )

i wouldnt be surprised to see another 4 moyabe 5 sacks from the leagues BEST front 7!

Nope Won't Happen Where done Playing Montreal..

I think I might have a better idea Onknight.

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Yup they s**K can't open holes for Holmes or the little ball of nothing and can't give Maas time to throw!

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