did any1 else notice that the o-line blocked better for chang?


maybe this is a sign that the team doesnt like maas...
and they like chang....and think he should be the starter....


and on his second play of the game he throws an 81-yard TD pass

and yea he didnt really do anything else but the next possesion thyron anderson dropped a ball on the ten yard line that would have been a first down

and then after that possesion he was rushing becuase his team was trailing with little time left


i say start em and see wat he can do

and every1 is saying well he has to start because we are paying him starter money... well then cut his a**

Maybe its just a sign that the Als respect Chang more and play a more honest defence

I agree ,Timmy Chang brings a winners attitude into the game .Maas was desperately trying tonight but only managed one Td.Chang comes in and the Whole Team comes alive.

and now taafe doesnt look to great

i mean chang asked him...asked him for the starting job and then comes in, in the 4th quarter and throws and 81-yard td pass and gets us back into the game..

Having a QB with his arm and ability to hit the deep ball allows for the running game to open up. If you have Chang starting, defences have to respect that threat.

Charlieball needs that.

Maas scares nobody on those 30-yard outs except Walker who has to try to catch them with head attached or without. ROTFLMAO

Maas IS part of the equation, IMHO. As the bullpen guy, he can come in and be more relaxed out there.

Having defences prepare for Chang is a hell of a better prospect from a gameplanning standpoint than for Maas. Bottom line is defences can cheat far more on Jason at this stage, which affects the running game early and thereby makes the O-line's issues more pressing.

I'll have more on this in my fan column tomorrow.

Oski Wee Wee,

Sorry, dont agree. Saw no evidence of that! You're fishing for something not there.

lol so u didnt notice that jason maas gets us only 10 points in 3 quarters

and then chang comes in and gets 10 points in ONE QUARTER!

average that out and u get 40 points in the whole game! and thats a win!

How so?

If you could demonstrate that Boulay was playing closer to the line of scrimmage after the Chang-to-Ralph torching, I'd appreciate that.

Football 101 is to put the opposing safety and DBs in a seesaw. Maas simply cannot hit the intermediate and deep passes enough to warrant the defence to be scared of his arm.

It affects the running game, especially early on. The team also finds itself behind early often, so the running game gets shelved a lot.

Will defences try to confuse Chang? You bet. Any good defensive coordinator can pose problems for a young QB. I'm sure they don't confuse Jason as much.

Big deal.

Jason's edge in experience and reading of defences is tempered by the reality that his arm hasn't got the gas to make plays to score points, quarter after quarter.

I wish I could be proven wrong in the Hamilton context of Maas's career, but I can't. He's had two big time games since his arrival (at Montreal and at Edmonton last year), that's it.

What that has to do with Jason having a better chance to win as a starter...given his record as Ticat starter, is moot at this point.

I have more confidence in Chang's ability to make big plays over three quarters, say, than Maas. Straight up.

So Maas supporters when do you think it would be good to start Chang. When we are officially, mathematically out of the playoffs? is that a good time to give the guy a shot at it? Because at the rate we are going that might not be too far off.

We are on the verge of elimination now: with the cross-over, it's hard to start 0-3 and catch up.

i think we can go 0-4 at the max because i dont expect a win VS. Bc but after that if we can start clicking and play well enough i dont think we will have to worry about the crossover because the west is so good ( so they are facing each other most of the time so one team isnt gunna be good enough to have a good record in the west )

so i think we will only have to finish 3rd in our division

which is still possible ( as long chang gets the start :wink: )