O Line and D Line

D Line,

  1. Knocked the starting QB in the first series,
  2. Buck Pierce was literally running for his life back there!
    I was actually impressed with Bucks ability to avoid getting sacked under intense pressure all game long.( Boudreaux had 2)
  3. One lousy 44yrd run by Simpson, outside of that totally contained the running game.
  4. With the outstanding front 4 pressure, IMHO it made the DB's job much easier.

O Line,

  1. Great protection for Burris in the pocket,
  2. Getting multiple reads checking off receivers while remaining in the pocket on alot of plays.
  3. One holding call (Figgy) all game.
  4. Short yardage plays were not a problem
  5. Gable averaged almost 6 yrds. per carry

Kudos to both Lines