O Line already has holes!

Damn, I'm pretty surprised they released Haji-Rasouli, Williams not as much. I hope Wally has seen something in some new guys we don't know about! I don't want to lose Lulay after a few games like we've lost so many other QBs.

Wally always has some tricks up his jersey. I was suprised a little by the rasouli release as well. Do you think he will sign with another team, or is he done?

Tough to see Sherko released. But he has been injury prone for much of the last few years, to the point that Wally probably sees jettisoning him as the best move for the organization. Sadly that happens to all pro athletes sooner or later. Tough business. Maybe the Bombers could use a somewhat brittle veteran up front on the offense.

Many thanks and continued goo luck to "Sherk", for your fine service to the BC Lions.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: :cowboy:

Guess he did know something we didn’t! :smiley: