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Picking up on some comments in another thread, keeping Van Zeyl this year was a mystery to me. On the other hand, I think Joe Figueroa still has gas in the tank and was solid when he played. He had two unrelated injuries this season that severely limited his play.

Beard, Revenberg and Woodmansy are solid. Murray and Riley weren’t up to snuff. I’d bring back Figueroa to camp but look for a Canadian tackle in the draft.


Murray got beat a couple of times and was offside a few times , but if he stays with us through a full training camp next year, and stays healthy, he will be an Eastern All-Star next year IMO. He is really tall and has long arms and can play left or right tackle. If we don’t sign him , someone else will.


I disagree with ya on this . I would personally cut bait with both Figs and CVZ next year . Both played minimally due to injuries last year and the rare times when they did play their performances were sieve like and rather unspectacular imo . Plus you add in the fact that both will be 41 and 35 respectively next season and it doesn’t take much to realize that their best years are in the rearview mirrors . I would also say bye bye to Riley as well whose play left a lot to be desired at the best of times .

Now if you are looking for keepers the three interior players in Woodmansey , Beard and Revenberg are where you would start as a solid foundation in the middle of the line . On that I agree with you . I would also keep Murray around as he is still young and has monster tree like size at 6’9", 325 and has a ton of untapped potential still at only 27 years of age . Lastly I do agree that for that RT position I would be scouring the bushes looking for a possible Canadian with starting potential in this years draft .


Curtis Woodmansey


6’3" Animal Biology 5


Toronto, ON

Maybe Curtis and Coalter could re-unite with the Cats . A big DLineman and a veteran OLineman and both Canadian .


I think Dayton Black was a guy they were pegging some hopes on down the road to develop into a National tackle. Don’t think he’s ready to start yet but did get some playing time last year, mainly filling in at guard. Draft report on him was tall, athletic and good footwork. Probably needs to put some more weight on and hit the gym.
Team needs to make a decision on Saxelid - mostly injured over the last two years. He could have been the answer at right tackle but I doubt we’ll ever know. I see Murray back given another shot at left tackle, Figs gone and likely at least one of Riley/Kemp as well.


Early prediction…Murray will be a CFL All Star if he stays in the league.
He is a monster on the edge with a nice touch of nasty.


On another thread , Cats 2024 , Figs is signed for next year. Here’s Ottawacat’s post .



On Nov. 22nd., all CFL teams registered their list of players signed for 2024. The TiCats list 28 players, including four who were not with the team at the end of this season.

In addition to WR Justin McGriff, discussed briefly, in the past couple days in one of these threads, another WR Jequez Ezzard is coming back to try again. The speedster was on the P.R. in July and registered as “Retired, as of Aug. 2nd.” The other two names are punter Bailey Flint, suspended since early August, and '22 draftee OL Nicholas Guay who was registered as retired on the day training camp opened in May.

The other 24 are Bayless, Beard, Black, Butler, Coleman, Diallo, Elliott, Federico, Figueroa, Flowers-Lloyd, George, Hewitt, Kolarevic, Kongbo, Lawson, McAllister, Mitchell, Pavihi, Powell, Sayles, Smith, Sunderland, Whyte and Wilson.

Pretty sure I saw a report that said that Saxelid was released.

If he was on the practice roster then for sure he would be automatically released. Thought he was still on IR at the end of the year but they may have chosen to move on.

He is signed but if they want to hold onto Murray I could see them releasing Figs to free up money

It’s amazing reading these posts and having a totally different perspective on Figs and Murray! I probably need to watch some more game tape. Fire up my pvr tonight.

The September 16th win against Winnipeg would give you a great indication of how good Murray can be.
He was RT that game, Figs was LT. We allowed one sack and controlled the whole game.
This game represents the Oline I think coaches will want in 2024.
This Oline, from week 15, will win us at least 12 games next year regardless of who our QB is.


I’m sure I still have that one recorded. I’ll take a look!

Added a link for you.

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Theo Benedet OL UBC wins second Metras . UBC Thunderbirds' OL Theo Benedet wins second consecutive J.P. Metras Trophy - 3DownNation

6’ 7" 305 and UBC plays Saturday at Kingston versus U of Montreal at 1 PM on CBC . The Carabins feature [Montreal Carabins’ QB Jonathan Senecal wins Hec Crighton Trophy . It should be a great Canadian football game .


A large list of OLine free agents here . A position-by-position look at 2024 CFL free agency - 3DownNation

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Perhaps Pat Lynch could weigh in?


One slight problem. Figg’s is unable to stay healthy. You can’t contribute on IR.


Did anyone else notice #69 on the Carabins’ OL in the Vanier Cup?
He was hard to miss, a second year guard, named Adam Lachance, listed on the team roster as 6’4" and 433 lbs.

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And I thought my son-in-law was big at 6’4 and 340 lbs. Holy crap that guy is big!:scream_cat: