O-Line 2009

With a great performance last week by the o-line enabling us open large holes I wonder if we will increase our reliance on the running gamein 2009? I know our guys up front are getting on in years, and being our depth is thin, who could step up this year and suprise? Any imports we might want to add?

Depth chart thin at OL ???

Guys on the way out/retirement: Chui & Lambert...

Brodeur-Jourdain & Yalowski will probably be the "surprised" of 2009...we already have an import in Seagraves, I don't think we need other imports to fill the O-Line.

Yalowsky? LOL! don't think so.

I think they will keep Woodruff and Jourdain, send Matt Singer and Dylan Steenbergen back to school for one year (leave them their rookie money) and Thind probably will retire from football.

I think the depth on the O line is good............my only concern with the O line is the loss of coach Vince Martino..........who I thought did a terrific job last season.

Wow...major brain fart on my behalf.....

I was thinking about Steenbergen (this year 1st round draft pick) but wrote Yalowski (2007 1st round draft pick)...

Yeah, I know Yalowski left football after his CIS career....

O-line depth is fine, and as for imports, we already have Seagraves. No need for anything more there.

I think the o-line will be fine this year. 4 of them were Eastern all stars last year, including Chui and Lambert.

Why worry about the offensive line? Very good. The following non-imports will remain in Montreal.Andrew Woodruff,Jeff Perrett,Scott Flory,Josh Bourke,Matt Singer,Dylan Steenbergen,-to return to school Steenbergen would have to be waived and he would be claimed by another team- either Bryan Chiu or Paul Lambert and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain on the development roster. Gurminder Thind will either retire or be placed on the 9 weeks injury list.

No import on the 46 player roster; probably one on development roster or injury list. Skip Seagraves is the candidate.


I watched import #64 Robbie Powel open large holes @ centre in the Toronto game. Not sure where he came from but he's a good addition. Keep an eye on him!

Robbie Powell graduated from Purdue in 2008,as a Center. He attended last year training camp of the Als and was released at the end. The same fate awaits him before this Thursday.


Amongst the OLs,Robbie Powell and Chris Rutledge have been released; Matt Singer is returning to school- Univerity Manitoba-


Also released according to RDS were Blue Adams, Rodney Hardeway, Frantz Hardy. Kevin Marion, Jay Staggs, Jamaine Winborne and Josh Thompson .
Benoît Boulanger is returning to the University of Sherbrooke.

O line is fine. Look for a more balanced offensive attack this year with more running plays to set up the pass.