O/L Derek Dennis signs in XFL

He was the best F/A O-Lineman left available.

Dennis will be assigned to an XFL team. The plan is to play the full season in the United States and come back to Canada for the CFL campaign.

Use these spring leagues to your advantage is smart. Sitting around waiting for a call and a salary bonus upfront is where and hat he deserves. Economics in CAL of season he has been an odd man out.
So why not go play a few games. Use it like a !training camp. Only getting paid What would be like a signing bonus.
These type of alternative leagues are like a paid training camp during the season.
Players are provided with housing. Likely at a hotel as a team opposed to a dorm since college is in session.
It’s only short temp period like training camp in a hotel room with a roomate. Team meals. So that saves on room and board costs.

Not the CFL in shape.
There is barely any hitting on TC anyway now.
And mostly starters barely play if at all in pre season.

Sad to see it; he was an interesting voice and character in the league.

It is a huge gamble, if he doesn't play next week he would have missed 30% of the XFL season or 30% of game cheques
I doubt he will be making $175K a season in the XFL

Also, If he gets hurt in the XFL he could lose a season in the CFL.

He won’t be in the XFL lifer. Everyone in the NFL is looking to get to or back to the NFL or CFL.
Injury is always a risk anywhere in football.
For Whatever reason he ended up being an odd man out in Cal signing frenzie.
He is a starting CFL LT no doubt and they dont grow on trees.
Right now he is an unemployed pro football player.
He needs a job to make some money. XFL offers him that chance for 2020.
Whatever he makes in the XFL
Consider that a signing bonus. and a bit less up front hard money he deserves in the CFL.
I expect to see him in Ottawa protecting Arbuckles blonde side.

When Ambrosie said players should find a job in the offseason I don’t think he meant the XFL.

It’s better than playing in Mexico and better money.
And better than min wage at walmart.

Plus it keeps talent in better game shape than others, on Vinny Mac's dime. At most he'll play is 8 games so he can bide his time and join a CFL team mid season once injuries kick in and talent on paper doesn't pan out of others.

Edit: Looks like that's his plan!

Could be a best of both worlds for the current unsigned FA crop.

Key in all this is health … one play could eliminate a CFL season … if Als were smart they would consider Dennis to replace Washington.

Thank you. That’s what I’ve been saying.
Under the cap system it’s impossible for teams to offer bigger contracts with hard money up front bonuses.
So this is perfect. Not sure this is what the Xfl had in mind. Lol.
But players and their agents took it upon themselves.
Very Smart

Derek Dennis said there was a lack of interest in the CFL. So, he figures nobody wants him as a starter right now. Teams will only call him after the season begins, and there is an injury and/or poor play by an American lineman. In the XFL, the same actually applies as he might never get into a real game but at least he is getting paid.

If a CFL team wanted Dennis and was willing to sign him for starter money, he would not be in the XFL.

Ya. On the Rod Pederson show today they were speculating as to why.
He is very Vocal CAL players Union guy. Within social media. Blasting Management etc about cba terms and issues.
Again just speculation.
Or possibly he made it known his price for a full season contract. And no one made an offer.
Anyway. Read the 3 Down Nation Article.
In which he explains his reasons for signing in NFL now.
As well as that at some point during the cfl season someone will sign him.
But right now he needs a job to support his family and the XFL has offered.
But the XFL is a short season and will be done 2 months before start of CFL season.
But even if the XFL lasts. The pay is only a part time gig with the amount of pay.
It's not a league where your a lifer 10 yr vet.