O/L Coach McKnight to Houston XFL, Reinbold offered also

Expensive with a ton of free agents. Also see Jones, Michael.

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If June Jones takes two of our coaches does he retain legend status? Or does the statue come down?

Asking for a friend.

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Changing “team culture” came with a price tag. Bill came due. Guess he didnt work pro bono afterall.

I will elaborate on my previous premise; the XFL teams arrive at Training Camp some time in January & their season is over in early April followed by 2 weeks of playoffs. PLUS I believe the XFL is operating on a very tight budget. I don’t believe these coaches will be receiving an exorbitant amount of cash for their services in this condensed 3 month+ season.

Is it possible that these coaches will receive permission to coach in both leagues ??
There is absolutely no overlap in schedules.

I can’t imagine either league will allow coaches to coach in two leagues.

But I could be wrong.

Tucker coukd easily replace Tasker.

Watch it. Someone probably has a Tasker jersey.

Could he replace both Tasker and Addison, if Addison gets an NFL tryout?

Haunt index would be in the double digits.

  1. Tasker will not be back as a TiCat next year !!

The end is here now !! :-[

Masoli throwing to Tasker in double blue ?

You can almost hear the heads exploding.

From what I can gather Tasker and Masoli are very committed to the Ticats and probably would want to remain. Can’t really see either of them wanting to go to the dark side given their long history with the team. But then stranger things have happened! Bet no one thought Van Zeyl would be wearing black and gold (or Coombs or Wynn or Tuggle!) Hopefully the team is committed to bringing both of them back but of course it will have to work financially for them and the team.
Tasker had a rough year with being out for half the season and not being able to get into a good rhythm when it mattered. He’s still a valuable receiver and not that old. Looking forward to seeing Masoli to Tasker in BLACK AND GOLD!

Wondering if June Jones is a fan of Jason Maas. Looks like he has been fired.

When / how did the CFL’s 2019 All-Star kicker, as announced yesterday, join an XFL roster?

So, why can June Jones sign our guys??

BC released him.

Good luck to Coach McKnight, but I don’t think coaching in the XFL is a long term job. Might open up a few contacts for him in the NCAA or NFL, which could lead to more stable employment. ‘Stable’ being a relative term in the coaching profession.

On Grover’s question, I’d say because they are not contracted, by the TiCats, beyond this season.

Poor Elizondo – denied, for a second straight time, the opportunity to apply, while under contract, for an HC position with another team. Opportunity, for him, knocks at unfortunate times.

Thanks for the reply on Castillo, Onemoredork. I wasn’t aware of his release from B.C.

BTW for those who may not be aware, it is Marc Trestman who is denying Elizondo the opportunity to become the HC of the Edmonton Eskimos.
But having said that, who are we kidding ?? Don’t we all know that Rick Campbell will become the next HC of the Edmonton Eskimos ?? I don’t think Elizondo has a real shot at this job.

Another BTW . . . I understand that a HC position in professional football is a full time job; it would not be possible to be a HC in the CFL, while also serving in some similar capacity in the XFL. But I don’t believe the same concept applies to position coaches. I still believe McKnight & Reinbold’s obligations to the Tiger-Cats would comprise 7+ months of work at best.

And in US college sports (all of the major sports) all of the coaching positions are full time positions, because they spend the entire off-season actively recruiting HS kids for up to two or more seasons before they actually graduate from HS!! We know that system is more than a little morally corrupt.

I doubt it’s Trestmans call.

Coach Reinebold is staying. Per Ticats.ca


Great news.

Here’s hoping Washington will feel like the team has unfinished business & come back as well. That can only help with signing our FAs.