O/L Coach McKnight to Houston XFL, Reinbold offered also

So June Jones wasn’t at the Grey Cup just to watch. >:(

I do NOT want to lose Reinebold. He is part of this great culture we have here now and the players love him.

Coaching salary cap has consequences.

How charming of June to make such a productive use of time on his visit.

I suppose he liked what he saw from our O-line in the game?

Looking at his Bio, McKnight is from Texas and was a coach with June is Hawaii in 1999/2000 .
I can understand the appeal to leave.

McKnight survived two coaching changes which means he was liked and respected by players.
Not so easy to replace.

You mean the CFL can’t just limit people’s income potential and not expect they’ll look elsewhere for work?

Shocked really.

US money, close to home, easy going buddy HC. Must have been an agonizing decision.

Less games. 4 downs, etc.

Probably hard to refrain from nodding off during the games…

Don’t be that fan. Lots of great brands of football out there.

I checked the Houston Roughnecks website; the O/L coach position is filled by a gentleman named BobJohn Estes. Perhaps Coach McKnight will be coaching Special Teams ?? (that position was not listed)

Another possibility . . . I had the impression that the XFL was starting out as a very low budget league (as opposed to the CFL ? ???), and their 10 game season will conclude in the month of April. I wonder if some of these coaches may be given permission to coach in 2 different leagues to earn some extra income. Is that possible ??

Regardless, I don’t expect this league to last very long; McKnight, Reinbold & others would be wise not to burn bridges that lead back to Canada.

Another interesting tidbit of information . . . Jerry Glanville decided to join Marc Trestman’s staff in Tampa Bay, instead of sticking w/ JJ . . . hmmmm . . .

Chance to network with a new set of football co-workers in the States.

Salary cap issues aside, this is one of the problems winning teams face. Other teams look your way, and will take coaches and players every off season. The ability to replace talent is what really what separates teams and is a key to long term success.

Player roster includes Jalen Saunders, Demetrius Rhaney, Sergio Castillo, and a DE named Taylor Reed.

If you told me we would not have missed Jalen Saunders I would never have believed you.

We ended up healthy scratching for the Grey Cup a physical rookie receiver who had ZERO drops this season in Marcus Tucker

Agree big time.
Good teams replace good players. We’ll have to do the same next season. Tucker could be filling in for say Tasker.

If June Jones takes two of our coaches does he retain legend status? Or does the statue come down?

Asking for a friend.

Changing “team culture” came with a price tag. Bill came due. Guess he didnt work pro bono afterall.

Tasker : just a season to forget or the beginning of the end ?