O.K. Who made the Schedule?

I cannot figure out who made out the schedule?

Montreal and Winnipeg play a home and home on Sun. Sept 24th and Friday Sept 29!

They then have another home and home with Sask on Mon Oct 9th and Friday Oct 13th!

Why do they feel it is necessary to have these teams play each other with out a decent rest in between.

In the first example there is one game on Friday and 3 on Saturday. Schedule the Mtl Winn game on Sunday and put one of the Sat games on Friday!

In the second case Winnipeg and Hamilton play on Sunday the 15th after 15 days rest each. Why not put Mtl, Sask on Sunday to give them 7 days and Win and Ham on Friday giving them 12 days rest. Doesn't this make more sense?

I am sure you will find examples like this for all teams

This is Mtl's schedule including pre-season!



The league had to scramble to fill the gaping hole the Gades left, so you'll be seeing some weird home at homes this season. The Argos faired no better with the new sked; whilst the inital Labour Day home at home with the Ti-Cats stayed intact, they also got saddled with a home at home with the Stamps (Sept 23 @ McMahon, then a week later at the Dump), AND a home at home with the Eskies (Thanksgiving @ the Dump, Oct 14 in Commonwealth)