O.K. lets try this again.Who wants play by play, tonight?

Hopefully , I will not be attacked like I was the last time I asked this , in a thread?

Doing play by play takes time and allot of work…plus, I don’t get to see the game properly…

geo…who is from the U.S. and some others , can’t get the radio or play by play here , for some reason…so he nicley thank me and K.K. for doing this for him…

others have mentioned that they like it too…I don’t mind helping others, and it can be fun for me… …

SO…the …the ARGOS @ B.C. game is NOT on T.V. …I need an idea of who wants me to do this ???

I don’t want to this this for nothing.THANKS.

I do!, I need it of the Toronto/BC game and I want to help you tonight with the Winnipeg/Edmonton game, HT!

I will see you tonight…for both games…I have to go. :smiley:

Going to the game so I’m all good.

I wonder if a simpler solution is to see if there is a radio broadcast that can be accessed via the net. Team 1040 does the play by play for the Lions and maybe they have net access - not sure but that could be looked at. Maybe a Toronto station doing the radio might have internet if Team 1040 doesn’t have it - don’t know that either.

Team 1040 is broadcast on the internet. I was wondering why people wouldn’t just go that route. It would allow HT to watch games and save him the hassle or maybe he just enjoys doing it.

I agree with Lionbacker and Football16 - Each team has a radio station that will air the games. Like mine is www.cjob.com and it has the access to listen to the games on the internet. I do this when the Bombers have home games and that I cannot go to. Tonight, is different though because it is an away game and I can watch the game on t.v. For the T.O/BC game I guess just tell the people to listen to the radio station on the net or whatever. I think there is a post that has all the teams radio stations somewhere o.o

online radio stations

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=833&highlight=radio]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ight=radio[/url]