O.K......how many need play by play..........??

I just trying to get an idea of how people will need play by play, for both of FRIDAY’s games.?

WINNIPEG @ EDMONTON , is on TSN at 9…pm…EST…7pm …mountain time.

Maybe that is why the B.C. / ARGO is not on T.V…because of the timing of the games…and when the contracts were signed…no one knew how good the teams would be…but that is a guess…

EDMONTON …and …WINNIPEG…deserve the same T.V. coverage as much as the next team.

I can do the ARGO @ B.C. game from radio…for any one who needs it…I just need to get an idea of how many people need that game as well.



i’m sure we can follow on the play-by-play cant we?

Sorry about that…I seem to have CALGARY on my mind for some reason.

Yes , I believe that you can but some people can’t get that in the U.S…and like when BB…geo…and I do it.


i’ve heard you do the play-by-play, but i’ve never read your play-by-play…myself…i just find a local radio station to tune in

I pressed the quote button.

abusing your powers already hellothere…

I would check my other posts of games…YOU even commented in my, OTTAWA @ B.C… game thread… … :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And I have bumped up , 2 other games…for you as well , to see.

They are just 3 of the many games that I have done…or maybe you forgot that you wrote comments at that … OTTAWA @ B.C. , game thread . :lol: :lol: :lol:

And you should know the whole story before you make an ass of yourself. :lol:…What power?. I don’t have the power to change other people’s quotes …sorry to disappoint you…Why not e-mail…CFLam …and ask him yourself…if I can.

I am trying to be nice to other people who don’t or can’t get the play by play…SO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IMPROVE OR HELP AT THIS site ?

even though my mod position was taken away because of age, i have tried to lower the ammount of fights and tried to reason with people.

you did change my post, you did not alter my quote, you changed my post, which had nothing wrong…del ala abuse of power

PS i was joking, i knew you were fooling around

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see?! whats the deal with my post now?

I don’t know…I pressed the quote botton.

well i edited it…you seem to gots it working though

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I need the play by play for the toronto/BC game and I’m looking forwand to helping you tonight will the Winnipeg/Edmonton game, HT!