O.J. Brigance sick????

I found this on a baltimore site .

O.J. Brigance, our director of player development and a member of our 2000 SB Team, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) last year. This past year, he has maintained his duties in the Ravens while coping with the disease. As such, he was the unanimous nominee for the Unitas Tops in Courage award at the Ed Block Courage Awards

He came public last March with ALS.

Hope he is doing well but not particularly news worthy.

The man holds a record that will never be touch and it is not newsworthy? Why are you here?

the fact that you think that a former cfl'er and great player at that has come forward with ALS and you don't think it's newsworthy, tells me you probably don't respect anything or anyone unless it affects you directly. you should be ashamed of yourself and i really hope that the reason why you posted that stupid comment was because you're not getting your way today and that maybe you just need to have nap or something and that this is a result of that.
stupid, stupid comment.

city legend

Brigance is one of the few players to have won both a CFL and NFL championship, and is the only one to accomplish this feat for teams from the same city: Baltimore (Stallions and Ravens respectively). (THAT will never happen again in our collective lifetimes!) 8)

In Miami where he played football, Brigance was involved in a number of different community organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Daily Food Bank. Brigance was honored with the NFLPA's Unsung Hero Award in 1999.

Whether it is newsworthy or not is subjective.

It is a fact that this was reported as early as March 2008, so you could make a reasonable case that it is "old news", whether you think it is newsworthy or not.

Personally, I wasn't aware of the earlier reports, so this was "news to me".

ALS is a tragic disease in any case.