O.J. Atogwe

Best of luck to him, if he was at a similar level in MLB he'd be some sort of god among the sports writers of Canada. Just the way it is I guess. :cry:

Other then some Canadians, like the infamous anti CFL Steve Simmons, having the usual inferiority complex why is this such a big story?

He's made his choice. His fans are now in the city he plays for. He shouldn't expect us to follow his career or idolize him just because he was born in Canada, went to a U.S. college, plays in a U.S. league, or whatever. Why should I care about him? He means nothing to me other than I think my team wasted a draft pick on him. I am a fan of the players who play for my team, the Lions...many of whom happen to be Canadian.

Had a pick against Hasselback yesterday.

Nov 1: @ Detroit Lions