O Canada

Worst O Canada I have ever heard.
Lets keep politics out of the CFL


Politics should be out of ALL sports!!

Not politics Music

Unfortunately, not even close. Worst O Canada heard In Canada: Jan Arden during Flames playoff run last year. She issued a formal apology a few days later.

Special consideration goes to Tom Cochrane in the World Series for the Jays, right after Brian McKnight nailed the Star Spangled Banner. Talk about an inferiority complex.

Worst O Canada in North America: In a runaway vote, the Las Vegas Posse’s “O Christmas Tree” Debacle

Didn't Bryan Adams forget some of the words?

........O Christmas Tree......... :lol: ..........I forgot about that one.........

That was terrible.

I agrre. That was bad. She changed the whole tune.

Ditto for me, a horrible version.

lol, the O canada in the montreal-toronto game yesterday was pretty bad too.... the guy just stopped in the middle of the anthem to hear the crowd cheer.... what an idiot lol. but funny

And didn't they fly the flag upside down? But please enlighten me - I was at work and missed the game - what happened with our anthem?


What’s with all these damn singers trying to make the national anthem some new age music? Singers should be fined and ridiculed everytime they try to change the way the anthem is suppose to be sung.

I agree politics have no place in sports. I play semipro football and my team is comprised of democrats, liberals, conservatives, christian right wingers, athiest, anarchist. Especially in football because i don't care what your belief is i just want to win. And everyone has to sacrifice themselves for th greater good of the team, and thats all that matters to me. I'am a real right wing conservative, and some of my best friends from the team are real union labor liberals.

The same thing has been done several times with the Star Spangled Banner. There have been some terrible reditions, where the singers stretch it out to double the necessary time to sing it, or just forget some of the words. They should be fined or spanked for doing this, just sing the song the way it is written and at the speed and tempo it's supposed to be sung at. Then get off the field and let the athletic event begin.

For soccer games over here in England, we just play the music over the speakers and let the crowd and the players sing the words. That is the way to go. No-one get sot change the tune and you can see which players are singing their hearts out and which mumble a few words they know.
Always gets the fans pumped up too. Then we get to boo the other countires anthem :stuck_out_tongue:

I missed this cuz MSG didn't show it, what happened?

She changed most of the tune. It sounded bad. She should be embarrased.

Well, many folks over here sing along with the national anthem. The singer for the Vancouver Canucks a few years ago used to hold up his mic to the crowd. I singalong, myself.