Lets wait until we are 0 and 8 like last year. Then talk more about Maas and how good he really is and we need to wait longer until he gets use to his new receivers and then complain some more about the O line and then of course the defence.

Yes lets just wait and wait and waste away yet another season.

When exactly is this management group going to wake up and Cut Maas. 0 and 13? or 0 and 14.

Don't forget to add 4-14 from last year. Ohhhh yes we should keep waiting for the O line to gell and those receivers to learn how to run routes. Yes oh yes just keep waiting. I'm sure by the year 2012 Maas will have found just the right O line and receivers. Then you call all see him for how good he is.

Boy is he good. 0 and 45 and getting better all the time.

You are entitled to your opinion but seriously.. you really have no idea what you're saying.

You really can't be taken seriously with exaggerated mellow drama like this.

starting to figure out football is a team sport.
so what's your solution?
throw a rook qb to the wolves and pray somehow he too blocks for the oline, runs proper routes for the receivers and catches the football.and goes out and turns this all around by himself.
yeah you're right we will go 0 and 45 if this team doesn't start building a solid foundation and sticking to an offensive system that works for more than 1 year.
i want to hear more than just "we want chang", because if you really think that would have made a difference in us being winless this season, you haven't been tuned in.
let's hear it now, "cut maas, blame the qb,we want chang, etc,etc.
it's getting old.
i like chang too and have since training camp, but this team has more to work to do than just deciding which qb will start.

Frustration rears its ugly head once again.

Big win Next week I Guarantee it. Bets?

Nobody thought the Ticats would win the Cup. But I do think they'll win five games by season's end. That's one more than I thought before the season began. Who know's, maybe even six!?!


I find commonality amongst staunch pessimists on this forum in that they all pin losses on QBs and QBs alone. Starting QBs.

This team is turning a corner. I'm sick of all the rediculous quotes of win-loss records dating back to 2003 when this team has nearly completely turned over from 2005 let alone 5 years ago.

An 0-4 start is the price of rebuilding and THIS IS REBUILDING not to be confused with the luck of 2004 or the botched attempt of 2006. The team was entirely rebuilt from the GM down. Anyone who can't see this team is improving is blind. The Cats took it to the best team in the league and winning if not for poor officiating.

0-4 is going to be the investment in a strong finish this year and success for years to come.

Sit back and enjoy. Its going to be fun.

The reason I'm pinning it on the QB is because we are playing an injured lame arm QB. The offense has no chance of succeeding without a healthy QB and without a successful offence you cannot have a successful team. Do I believe a change guarantees success. No. I do believe the status quo guarantees failure

Chang has a wooden head which prevents him from remembering more than two plays. You may not have heard it anywhere else, but that's because the team is hiding it from the fans and only coach and I know. If you've been watching the games so far, it's as plain as day - the first or second play he throws a perfect strike downfield, everything from that point is overthrown. Wooden head. Bet on it.

Overthrown passes are caused by the rush of adrenalin
that pumps through the bodys of rookie QBs

because they are never fully prepared for
the speed at which things are happening.


Are you sure it is Timmy
who has the a wooden head, sec8?

Ok I'll say it again. I'm not suggesting they cut Maas. I'm suggesting they start Chang and see what happens. It's not the end of the world to start your number 2 man. The Cats will not self combust. In the NHL when things are not going well and the coach wants to change the momentum they will start their bckup and it often makes a big difference. Why can't we do the same. Just a reminder, we are 0-4 not 4-0.

I still care.

I really do think we can win against winnipeg.

You have 82 games to play with in the NHL. I gather the coaching staff believes that Jason Maas has the best chance to succeed as the starter, injured or not. The rationale is that they'll get Chang in but not so much as to displace Maas for a great deal of time in the run of the game so long as they are in it.

I know Chang needs his reps. I just don't think he'd come out on fire as the starter. It is very different to start than to come off the bench.

On the other hand, we wouldn't know if he was or wasn't starter material unless we tried?

Chang will get his chance.

0 and 8?
0 and 13?
0 and 14?
0 and 45?

The Cats truly are the "Owen" gang. Hamilton fans have a lot of nerve publically babbling "Argo's ****."

Thats funny. Play Williams then I don't care


for once I agree Sig, those Maas groupies are boring :twisted:

The Cats truly are the "Owen" gang. Hamilton fans have a lot of nerve publically babbling "Argo's ****."

I often thought that myself