Nye's Crystal Ball: 7 bold predictions for 2021

Here we go again…

It’s another year and another crystal ball.

Let me be honest, when the crew at CFL.ca asked for another one of these, my first thought was ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME???’

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now time to burn this article
I thought this was the best line of the predictions. Interesting read and it did give me a chuckle. But true, hard to predict anything for the upcoming season, whatever year it takes place.

Did anyone a year ago predict that there would be no CFL season in 2020?

If predictions were possible to be accurate the person making them would be rich and very famous beyond belief. The only real happening this year is that unless the pandemic prevents the league from starting, is that every team will be more hungry and anxious to get to the big game in Nov, There won't be the excuse of injuries to players unless they happen during the season. Making the Competition even greater coast to coast. Now Play ball !