Nye: Who's missing from the top 30 pending FA list?

CFL.ca put out their Top 30 Pending Free Agent list last week and I never envy those who put together these lists.

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Lemon should make the list.....
As should Sankey and Dean.
Then there's Howshare, White, Hills, in Hamilton.
Nic Demski in Winnipeg
Orimolade, Jordan and Judge in Calgary.
TJ Lee, The whole O-line besides Chungh, and Garry Peters in BC
Oulette, Muamba, and Gittens in Toronto,
At the pace they are going just about everyone will be resigned in Ottawa,
All but about 3-5 guys yet unsigned in Montreal.

Should have been the top 100 list with this years crop of free agents.....

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It’s confusing but there are actually two lists. You can find a previous article on the top 50 free agents by clicking on the link. Many of those you mention are on there. Some have now been signed. This article appears to deal with the top free agents not on the previous top 50 list.

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Gotcha, I miss stuff like that.......But I was going off the FA list on the homepage which seems to be up to date and surprisingly none of the guys I mentioned appear to be signed.

For a lot of teams, only three weeks out form free agency there are some pretty big lists and a lot of guys you would think would be key guys to their team as yet unsigned.

I know for the Elks I can see a few that will be signed - Gainey, Antigha, Lacey. And a few that have me wondering - Walker, Marshall, Ousi-Kusi, and a few others that you wonder if they may come back or if they truly want to try the waters of free agency to see what their value is.

I think that's the case with Lawler who wants to see if there's a better deal out there and why not, he's a premium player.

But there are a few teams with a lot of player to sign like Hamilton, that have done nothing vs. Ottawa who have extended 14 players to this point.

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Like I said, it is confusing. For everyone. Lots of these lists popping up these days.

Like i said, the homepage CFL.ca seems up to date. Elks announced Vandervoort and Harry today who now show as extended......

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