Nye: Top 3 pending FAs on every West team

“Siri, set a reminder that if my editors ask you to do a free agent feature on the top three players for each team to ask for an expansion on the list.”

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Again, good picks. I had Bryant, Demski & Maston, assuming he's fully recovered for the Bombers.

I like the Lion picks. Figueroa they have to get back.

Elks don't have a lot of FA's left. Ceresna & Lawler are the only must signs IMO. With Brown & with Cornelius adding runs to his arsenal later in the season, I don't see Litre getting a lot of touches. He's a VG ST player though. I would try to get Walker back as a 3rd option behind Lawler & Mitchell.

I'm not sold on Dean because of age. I love the guy but having 3 VG LB's didn't help much vs the run when they lost their top 2 DT's for a bit. Riders have so many FA's so lots to choose from but Sankey is a must & I'd probably say Robertson & Lanier would be on my top 3. Leonard was a disappointment. To be honest, they need help on both sides of the LOS.

Nice to see Orimolade on your list. A CFLPA All-Star pick this year. Some think that he & Judge were both better than Lemon last year. Terrific pick. :sunglasses:

That's what I see as well.

Saskatchewan and Ottawa have a heap of work in front of them to get guys signed.

I gotta think though that the Riders want to get an OC signed before they start shaping their offence which complicates things somewhat.

Just keep wondering to myself how many guys teams are going to let go to free agency to determine value for. The shear number of free agents says we may see a lot of guys getting their value determined on the open market and that free agency may not be the gold mine they thought it may be.

I imagine Bryant will play another season or two before he retires. Demski will be back, I'm sure. And Mercy Maston is an interesting choice. If he comes back and makes it out of training camp without suffering another devastating Achilles injury AND wins a starting spot. That would be mighty impressive for a guy who hasn't played in over 3 years.

I believe Hardrick and Jeffcoat are close to announcing their re-signings along with many Bombers free agents who want to be back. Having the continuity in the coaching staff plus Collaros on board for the next 3 years is an easy sell for anyone who understands and wants to be a part of the culture in Winnipeg.

Neufeld, Jefferson, Bighill and Lawrence are already done deals. I would like to see the Bombers bring back Janarion Grant as soon as possible and Rasheed Bailey as well. Casey Sayles and a draft pick (like 6'5, 280 lbs Lwal Uguak) to backup Jake Thomas for our ratio on the D-Line would be nice too.


I don’t know if Deatrick Nichols is a free agent but if he is he has to be in the top 3 for the Bombers. Best DB in the league in my opinion.


Deatrick Nichols signed a contract extension through the 2023 season on February 14.

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