Nye: Top 3 pending FAs on every East team

Every CFL team at this time of year will be making a list and checking it twice. They’re going to find out who’s a fit for the right price with Free Agency coming in two months.

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I wonder if the Elks will make a strong pitch to bring Justin Lawrence home to Edmonton.

I hope (and expect) the Argos will give Gittens whatever he asks for to keep him in Toronto.

Gittens would look a lot better wearing black 'n' gold next season .

Don't know. Jones and Co have been on a binge though. Lots of new signings and a few guys released the last few weeks.

IMO - all good choices.

I would probably take Worthy with Lewis & Harris in Mtl. & have Kelly on my top 3 in Hamilton. Nitpicking for sure.

Yeah, Jones hasn't got a lot of FA's left & I see a few like Henry who are likely still to go. He did bring in Korte last year & Lawrence would be a good fit. I expect him to be signed up before FA hits but, if it does, then good chance. Korte played CTR & you can put him anywhere, but G is probably the best spot for him. So there's that.

With Ellingson perhaps done in Winnipeg (if not calling it a career) and Schoen possibly ending up on an NFL practice roster, I’m thinking that Tim White would look pretty good in Blue and Gold. He could also then escape the seemingly endless criticism for “the kneel” that is still pervasive in Hamilton. As a fun gesture he could even sign his contract while kneeling.

Man, I'd hate that. But it wouldn't be a shocker. Brescasin, though more a complementary piece than a centrepiece, is another local guy I could see signing in Hamilton if Toronto doesn't re-up him.

With Gittens, I really hope he's back in double blue, cause everyone knows how good he is and he'll get loads of targets.

With Brescasin, I would like to see him on a team that'll give him more looks. Of course, he'll have to stay healthy for that to happen.

Wow, BC sure has locked up their FAs at receiver. Though, I guess they'll have quite a hole to fill with Burnham retiring.

The Als, at the other end of the spectrum, could look very different next season.