Nye: Surveying a quickly changing QB landscape

Ten years ago, the QB landscape looked a lot different than it does today.

In 2013, Bo Levi Mitchell was taking the reins in Calgary. Henry Burris was getting ready to take his Hamilton Tiger-Cats to a Grey Cup appearance. Anthony Calvillo was embarking on his final season in Montreal as Ricky Ray was trying to repeat as a Grey Cup champion in Toronto.

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Filler, nothing more, nothing less.

Montreal has no starting QB. Every other team does.
They need Evans or Fajardo..

Who is Farjado ?

I would much prefer Fajardo. Evans finds ways to lose.

With no starters jobs open, if/once Hamilton releases Evans, the Als could offer both "half-starter-value" contracts with bonuses to bring whoever ends up the starter to the bottom-end of starter-value ... optimize veteran depth for themselves as well as in-case of injury on another team.


Hamilton won't release Evans. They need something of value for him in return if they want to keep building their Grey Cup contending team. There are still a few teams out there which would benefit from some depth under centre. He won't start anywhere though, barring injury to someone else.

Much easier for Montreal to just sign Fajardo, rather than trade for Evans. Who would they trade? They are hemorrhaging players now...Sign Fajardo, and just maybe you attract the attention of someone like Tim White or Greg Ellingson or Rasheed Bailey to help rebuild your decimated receiving corps. Maciocia needs to move on this quickly, if he already hasn't...

Hamilton will have no choice but to release Evans when it comes time to calculate the salary cap as they can't afford to keep him and stay under the cap. Sure they can drag their feet to the last minute but he has to be let go by the deadline. As for Maciocia acting fast that seems unlikely, it looks like the Als have uncertain ownership and spending limits as they are not re-signing many of their high priced free agents. They look to be heading for 4th place in the East.

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