Nye: Riders take a new approach to hosting Grey Cup


It was the phrase that was plastered on t-shirts for the Saskatchewan Roughriders players and staff in 2013. Their off-season mimicked the motto in terms of the perception that the team was pushing all the chips in. Geroy Simon, Ricky Foley, John Chick, Rey Williams and Dwight Anderson were some of the moves made to bolster the Roughriders roster to win a Grey Cup at home.

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Darian Durant's excellence has been consistently downplayed since he left the Riders. When he was new, he grasped the CFL game more quickly than any other young QB I can remember.

His TD to interception ratio was always way above average. He had an uncanny instinct for when to run himself. He had no trouble connecting with the Cdn Air Force and Weston Dressler.

The old boys don't like him because he kept his signing bonus from the Bombers. Looked good on the CFL, IMO.

Look, it's great that the objective was achieved in 2013 & it all worked out. But the common talking point was that the club was BUILT to win the CUP that year as if it was a fait accompli. The problem with that is, despite all the talent assembled, they finished 2nd, a full 3 games behind the Stamps. Is the master plan in building a CUP winner to finish 2nd & play 2 games, 1 in somebody else's barn, to get to the Grey Cup? I think that there are maybe 9 teams at this point who think they have the secret sauce to win the CUP.

My point is being "all in" doesn't guarantee anything. The team that gets hot at the right time is often the one that wins the CUP. The last 5 seasons we had the 3rd place Bombers win it in 2019, the 9 win Argos in '17 & the sub .500 REDBLACKS in '16. I wish the Riders & Fajardo luck. Anyway. we'll see if the little fellow can be squeezed into the GC come November. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The only two teams that have significantly improved the rosters...on paper are Edmonton and Ottawa. The other 7 teams, it is hard to say. So much movement in free agency. Free agency definitely benefits the lower placed teams in the league and likely has impacted the Bombers more this year, in a negative way than it did last year. I am certainly hoping for a repeat of 2013 but how the Riders stack up with the other front running hopefuls is a guess. I like our chances but not betting on any one team to win it all at this stage. To many unknowns! That is different from last year, Winnipeg was a heavy favourite out of the gate. Not so this year. Fajardo has what it takes for a CFL QB to be a champion but he will need a lot of team-mates to step up in a BIG way to make it happen. Go Riders!