Nye: Riders making big moves before free agency

Last year, the Saskatchewan Roughriders attacked free agency with a little less splash, outside of landing Trevor Harris from the Montreal Alouettes.

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It’s a good sign but…in the East Burke has been making lots of moves AGAIN. How often the past few years have they “won” free agency - weren’t they picked by many pundits to finish high up as recent as last year?

The West is going to be very interesting. Ouellette is a big signing but that only puts them on par with the other 4 who have good RB’s. Maier is a question mark but Harris is only 1 of 4 great QB’s in the West.

Apparently the Riders & TiCats are the last teams standing to get White & I believe this is a guy they need. I’m not convinced Bane is a true #1 - he’s a smaller guy & he’ll get a lot more attention this year. White has been productive for a couple of years now. So fingers crossed.

Good start. Lots of good talent still available.