Nye: Riders calculated in free agency so far

If you’re surprised you didn’t see Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Jeremy O’Day wade deep into the free agent pool, you haven’t been paying attention to how the Riders GM does business.

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Good article. I have to agree that Duke had to be signed - especially with Moore not expected back until later in the season & Evans coming off a subpar season. I would expect Evans to bounce back. Essentially the Riders have Sankey, Moncrief & Wesley Lewis coming in & I would argue they have the best LB group in the league.

BUT stepping away from Purifoy, their nominee for MOP on D last year, after already knowing Gainey wasn't going to be offered a contract, leaves the secondary thin. In 2021 the Rider backfield gave up the most passing yds per game & the most big plays. So IMO that leaves a big hole there. I'm also wondering having both Micah & Makena gone what that does for the run game. Riders were 2nd in the league stopping the run & those 2 were a big part of it.

Lastly it looks like they may go with Morrow @ RB who has 9 carries. When given the ball as the premier RB it doesn't always work out. Shaq Cooper who was a highly regarded signing by BC 1 season ago is a recent example. Where is he now? I like what O'Day has done to date but has some work to do before I can say the Riders are better than the 2021 squad.