Nye: One potential FA I think each team should try to sign

Free agency is all about evaluating your team, finding out the strengths and weaknesses and trying to do everything to attack those weaknesses.

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I think the Riders should go after Moncrief again. Why would he not want to return? Dating a local girl and fits well into the Riders system. Edmonton is still aways away from being a contender and he's not getting younger.

Jamie's grammar is so bad as to make this story unreadable.

After some very poor FG kicking in 2021, I wonder if we'll see the two FA kickers listed here sign record contracts (for kickers). BC, Winnipeg, and Hamilton could really use a Bede or Lauther. And Toronto and Saskatchewan will certainly not want to lose them.

Oh yea sure! Argos go after another Stampeder! Come on eh! Pinball has enough of the X-Stampeders already to seriously be called the "Stampeders of the East'
Even raiding the Stampeders of their coaches! I mean where does the Argo's Cap come in and limit their buying up all the talent?
This sure shows that Hufnagel knows how to pick up great players and develop fantastic coaches, right?

Mom Reid is staying in Edmonton hopefully as he will be a huge staple in the Chris Jones defence I think he is a Chris Jones guy

Very possible. But I would add Castillo to the list of coveted free agent kickers and put him ahead of Lauther at least after his Medlock imitation in the Grey Cup and leading the league in 2019.

Mind your business Jamie. Bede isn't going anywhere.

You are so far out to lunch Nye, Vanstone must be rubbing off on you.