Nye: One position group every team should watch

The CFL National Combine presented by New Era is here!

The players are ready for their 40-yard dash, one-on-one drills and of course the interview process that can be rather interesting, as Don Landry featured on CFL.ca already this week.

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Good read :grinning:

Yeah, I'm more interested in this draft year than I was in previous years. The two sets of highly ranked twins, two of which are sons of a former CFL star, add to the intrigue.

And Tre Ford, as athletic a National QB as we've seen, really cements it. He might be overlooked because he's a QB and those rarely are worth drafting, and he might be overlooked because he could get NFL interest. Who knows how teams will approach it.

Very good read. Agree on BC but can't see Ford as an option because 1) how many good prospect National QB's do you want & 2) what does it say about your confidence in Rourke?.
Elks - I think Knight or Tyrell Richards are likely choices. With Mike Jones, Shai Ross, Tevaun Smith they're likely not going for a Philpot, but you never know.
Argos - maybe have the best National depth in the CFL so best player available. Personally I'd be surprised if they go RB but I'm seldom right.
Bombers - agree they're light on a bunch of places. Only 3 OL in top 20 for what is considered a weak draft by some media. With Koczwara, no CFL reps, Kolankowski, 5 year pro but on PR last year, 2 appearances, Dobson off to USFL, Desjarlais off to NFL, there's no veteran depth behind starters to speak of. If Zerr is still available @ their spot I'd grab him. :smile:
Lots to think about. Good article.


Hey pantsonfire - - what do you think - - will Chris Jones take the top defensive player at first overall, or surprise us with a pick on the offensive side, or if the opportunity arises - - give up the first pick to drop down and gain an extra draft pick? What would you do? Just trying to see what you think the best option would be. Cheers!

JB, I should be asking you. You always have well thought out ideas.:slightly_smiling_face: Wild guess? I think he would have taken a run @ Judge, had TO not traded him to the Stamps. He may go LB again & my guess would be Tyrell Richards ranked 4th as apparently Jones had lunch with him. Lakuta is the top ranked guy, also a LB, but might get a look down south. Other than that - Knight. I think Nye's comments are bang on here.

The big question is how happy is he with young Nyles Morgan who IMO played really well @ WIL last year. If he wants to stay import there, then I could see him maybe trading the pick for a lower 1st rounder & a 2nd round pick. Elks 2nd rounder @ #10 belongs to Argos for the Arbuckle trade. That would put them in a very good spot because after the 1st 2 rounds, Elks get a territorial pick (likely 1 of the 2 DB's off the Golden Bears) @ 19, Ottawa gets a territorial pick @ 20 & then Elks are up again with the 1st pick in round 3. Trading the top pick if it lands you a 2nd rounder along with a lower 1st rounder would give them 4 picks in the first 21. I would not be surprised to see the top pick traded.

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pantsonfire - - Appreciate your assessment, as I’ve said before, you’re better on the fine details, which is why I often ask for your opinion – and your lack of bias towards any one team is refreshing. :+1:

I feel that if the opportunity presents itself – Jones will trade the top pick for more draft capital! As you said, 4 picks in the top 20 can go a long way in filling out a roster with young talent – especially if they can contribute right away. Either way, I’m happy with what Jones has done this off-season – this team will at least be competitive. I believe the KEY is what happens at Quarterback - - Cheers!

Amen to that. IMO they have the right OC to bring Arbuckle along, as he did with Reilly (2nd season as starter), Franklin, Fajardo AND even Bridge. He got more out of them than anybody when they were new to starting games.