Nye: How to improve the Riders offensive line

The Saskatchewan Roughriders need to decide, and soon, what to do at quarterback. There is no question the team is in a tight spot to get this right to turn the franchise back around.

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A Quote from the Article " the Riders built that dominant offensive line that won it all in 2013" The Riders also cheated the CAP that year so that many stated the Riders actually bought the Grey Cup that year!
The League has since made adjustment to reporting the status of each team's wages to ensure this error does not happen again.
It should be noted the Riders have not made it to the big game since the League made that adjustment.

Never heard this. Can you fill us in what they did to prevent it happening again.

the Riders were fined for going over the cap

i know the league and CFLPA ratified a new CBA in 2014, but not sure what they did to address salary cap overages other than existing system of fines. i’m guessing the fines have increased substantially since.

They require each Team to submit their roster’s wages more frequently (i.e. Every month or 2) Sorry I don’t know the actual frequency

In the past the Teams just submitted the Roster Wages at end of season and this allowed teams to exceed the CAP (Riders were most offenders but at least 2 other teams were guilty thru the years)

The Riders (most believe) knew they were going to exceeded the CAP but decided that it was worth the financial penalty to get the Cup

And once they got it the League was helpless to punish beyond the financial penalty. (i.e. take the Cup away)

Even the Rider Fans excused the Cheat by saying to the effect “OH WELL WE WILL JUST HAVE TO SELL MORE JERSEYS TO PAY THE FINE”

Key is to stay healthy. That was basically the same oline they had in 2021. Difference was they were digging deep starting 10 offensive linemen at some point

A lame duck QB who held the ball way too long or danced into sacks and recievers who couldn't seem to get open were also major factors

Anything other than Cody Fajardo at QB, I will be rooting for Riders to start 0-3,that will probably be the firing of coach if not GM. The loud minority want Cody gone,but your average Rider fan would be fine with Fajardo as starter. Even on Twitter Cody wins the poll. Riderfansdotcom represent very small minority,they have a poll that even Cody wins,only 123 people took part. Coach CD stated he was surprised by backlash of benching Cody,he thought he was connected by being on twitter,most Rider fans dont take part in forums


Cody was playing on one wheel most of the year after taking a dirty hit in the Montreal game. Same hit that the league was calling for the permanent ban of Marino over.

Cody's problem seems to be his attitude. Of course we all make mistakes, and if he could show some growth in maturity would have no issues giving him another chance if he's healthy.

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I gave you thumbs up for polite response,dont agree that Cody had a bad attitude though. Dont think in this article? But read a quote from CD this morning were he answered what went wrong,paraphrasing badly from poor memory,but he said the oline,injuries,and a qb that lost his mojo as a result of it all,it affected everybody, when you go on losing skid.

A fg kicker that misses 4 singles in a game,it can get between your ears. Most kickers go through this,they get on phone with other kickers. As a truck driver have those days that cant back straight into loading dock,people watching,its tough. They think you a rookie even though next 10 stops are perfect

Did I read something into CD comments that maybe he is holding out a hand to Cody,it wasnt all you we can do this?

Cody was nominated by his peers in 2019 to represent west as MOP
In 2021 shortened season he took Riders to a season that was only 2nd to Bombers and tied with Toronto

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A big part of Cody's game is his athletic ability. Hes not going to carve you up like a Bo Levi Mitchell, but he can and does win games through running the ball and keeping teams honest with that.

He has been known to throw people under the bus tho.. like his recievers who weren't coming down with inaccurate passes..

Mike Edem think the turning point of the season was Garett Marino being suspended then let go. I would call that an "amazing" opinion...

Marino was a bull in the middle. Its not wonder teams cried to have him released

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Welll.....If I was a fan I'd be far more worried about the 26 free agents that are ready to stampede out of town in 17 days than some plot against Marino.....

There were lots of strategies that would have helped out the O-Line in Regina last season. But they ran end arounds that allowed big open field tackles on their backs until they were all hurt and tried to throw their way out of trouble too often.

No OLine in the league could do what they were asked to do game in game out without getting tired and making mistakes - and they made plenty, which led to more big passing downs and more mistakes......


... probably why all but one of our offensive coaching staff aren't here anymore.

And they need to move on from some players, especially guys with sizeable contracts who haven't played a full season in a couple years

Yep. Thank goodness the O Line coach is gone. Where did he go to again?

They went over the cap a total of $17,975.00

You got that right. I have no idea what the Riders are doing. In the Leader Post there was this headline yesterday - "Roughriders' GM isn't re-signing many players? Bravo! - now, I have a lot of respect for the writer, to be clear. BUT applauding O'Day for not signing an abundance of free agents?? The Riders have a bunch of free agents worth signing IMO.

I forsee 2 possible problems here.

  1. Fajardo noted, weeks after the end of the season, he had no contact with Rider brass & wanted some word whether or not he's in the plans. Shaq Evans the past week also said he didn't look to be back - loves Regina but had heard nothing from the Rider brass. Sankey & Lanier, 2 guys they may want back, apparently have had some negative things to say about the organization via social media. Whether you want players back or not, guys like Cody & Shaq have been with the team for years & deserve to get some clarification - at the very least. The message in the article is that O'Day is making wholesale changes. Is that the message you want to send out there when you haven't discussed this with who knows how many players? Is the lack of signings because they don't want the players or reluctance on players to sign because they don't know if there is a viablel plan in place going forward?

  2. It's fine to say you're going to go out & spend tons of money with all the CAP space freed up by departing players. Next week the window opens for teams to offer contracts to teams for players prior to FA. Bo was asked if signing in Regina was a consideration before he ended up with Hamilton. His answer - he wanted stability which meant that he knew what coaches, which OC, DC & so on would be in place going forward.

So, if the Riders don't FF a trade with Hamilton for a QB in, say, a week or so, how do you sit across the table when a Lawler or Eugene Lewis is looking at your lucrative offer & asks - "BTW, who is going to be my QB, my QB & REC coach - Mason Fine" & the answer is - well, we're working on it. If you DO get someone to buy in, how much do you have to overpay given the circumstances.

You're absolutely right - the Riders have got themselves into a messy situation going into FA & no one but themselves to blame.


Who knew you could buy a Grey Cup so cheap. :laughing:

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Marino did himself in; if nothing else he was given chances to redeem himself by the team and got kicked out of the league only after the team gave up on him.

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