Nye: How the '89 Grey Cup changed my life

“It’s up. It’s good!”

The famous call from the great Don Whitman on Dave Ridgway’s game winning field goal in 1989.

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It was a classic game for the ages .

Back and forth action that showed if the CDN game is played well it tops entertainment .

Riders breakout game .


And yet they are fans out there that rather see that type of excitement disappear just to have a minor version of the NFL.

The sport and rules of Canadian Football were never the issue.

It comes down to the league never adjusting to the changing times.

Not sure why changing the rules is the only way to save the CFL.

With David Braley not around with his influence (may he rest in peace)
Maybe things can change for the better.

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It was a great game EXCEPT the wrong team won . :cry: It should have been our 2nd Cup victory in 4 years . Damn Riders ! damn Austin ! damn Ridgeway ! They just had to go and show off and wreck all our fun . :grimacing: :nauseated_face: :laughing:

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Damn Chuck Ealey, damn Garney Henley, damn Ian Sunter! (Guess I’m not over ‘72 yet) :face_vomiting: :laughing:

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Great personal story Jamie.

No doubt the 1989 Grey Cup is in the top 2 - 3 off all time Grey Cup games ever played on almost every ones list. It's definitely my favorite Grey Cup. I also remember in the West Final that year where the 9 - 9 Roughriders went into a tough Commonweath Stadium and upsetted the 16 - 2 Edmonton team.

That 1989 Grey Cup had all the back and forth football you wanted in a game. The TD by Tony Champion from a Mike Kerrigan pass to tie it for Hamilton late in the game was one of the best catches I have seen in football.

My 2nd favorite was the 1987 Grey Cup with Edmonton beating my Argonauts 38 - 36. In the 4th quarter alone the lead changed like 4 times.

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For the record, it is Wittman, not Whitman.

I misspelled Don “Matthews” as “Mathews” practically forever. :flushed: