Nye: Has Calgary figured out the recipe for success against BC?

A great chef can build off a recipe. They add an extra spice or element from that recipe to make a great meal and it’s exquisite!

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I think most clubs have figured it out. Send D bookends after the QB while one waits at centre to scoop VA.

Yup, looks great on paper don’t it
The caveat is you also gotta have better players than the other team to actually carry our the plan Stan.


Where can I reach Nye…I’m still trying to unload a bridge I purchased at last season’s Grey Cup run…Ouch going cheep


I think there is an error in this quote from the Article
" On October 20, the Lions didn’t load the box or come with intricate blitzes to get after Vernon Adams Jr. and later Dane Evans."
It should read “The Stampeders didn’t load the Box …” Not the Lions

The thing I love about playoff football in the CFL is - anyone can win! The Stamps have a good enough team to beat BC in one playoff game - but the odds are they won’t. I remember when I was a kid, the playoffs were a two game total point series - it made for exciting football and allowed for one or two more games. The fams loved it, so I’m not sure why they got rid of that format

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“Because this formation is so rare in the CFL and from the Stampeders, there isn’t a lot of film to find many tendencies for Lions offensive coordinator Jordan Maksymic to pick apart.”

The Alouettes use a lot of 3-4.

The 2023 Calgary Stampeders have had a “Underachieving 2023 Season” Football is a game filled with “Momentum” Both the Lions and the Stamps lost their final league games. Therefore this game can go either way. Jake Mair needs to replicate his last performance versus the Lions 41-16 win in Week 20. The team who wins the run game and controls the clock has a decided edge in the West Semi-final. The Stamps secondary and overall tackling have been horrendous this year ! :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :football: :canada:
Begelton_Reggie-Week 8 2022

While the lions D has had an impressive season of sacks, their official total against their own offence still remains at zero…